Jenn Lipke

Jenn Lipke

Associate Director of Admission & Transfer Coordinator

Transfer Applicants (Last Name: A-L)

  • Enrollment Staff
  • Undergraduate Admission

Professional Biography

Raised in a small town in New England, I started my westward journey in college – all the way to Rochester, New York (a reasonable 8-hour trek). After graduating with a degree in Biology, I realized I had not yet found a niche subject to dedicate my studies to, so I looked for a school where I could work and take some classes to find my true interest. My husband and I found our way to Denver – where the sun-to-cloud ratio is exactly opposite of upstate New York – hello sunshine! I have spent nearly 20 years here at DU in the Admission Office, so I have plenty of experience to help you with your transition to DU. I am working on my second Bachelor’s degree – in Studio Art (when my schedule allows). I have firsthand experience in transferring to the University of Denver, so I look forward to helping you with your journey – no matter how many twists and turns you have made. When I am not working, or in class, you will often find me behind the camera, in the great outdoors, taking pictures for fun.

If there is one piece of advice that I can give to anyone applying to college is to ask questions. If you are not sure of the process, your options, or even how to judge if DU is a good fit for you – ask us questions – we are here to help.