Students here have so many opportunities to innovate, envision and create their way to the future of their dreams. The Honors Program pushes students to achieve more, aim higher, invest more deeply in their area of passion. Enterprising students can customize their academic experience with multiple majors or minors, opening more doors for enhancing their resume and jump-starting their success. At DU, the more invested you are, the more opportunity you’ll discover around every corner of this world-class academic environment.

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For the difference that connections catalyze.

If you’re going to go far, you can’t go alone. At DU, students gain life-long membership in a global community of influencers. It starts on campus with dedicated staff, professors and coaches who work hard to connect you with the researchers, thinkers and community leaders who will deepen your knowledge and spur on your passion. Diverse friendships--in clubs, in intramural sports, on your residence hall floor, on a study abroad program--will follow you through your life. And an engaged alumni network keeps you connected to prominent world-changers who, like you, are determined to see dreams become reality.

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For the difference that accomplishments invite.

DU offers high-impact learning--top-tier academics, adventurous study abroad, openness to big questions, collaborative research with brilliant faculty--meaning you’ll graduate career-ready with practical skills in whatever field you choose. DU graduates go on to prestigious graduate programs, land sought-after jobs and hit the ground ready to make an impact. Someone with gifts like yours needs a world-class education--it’s what makes all the difference.

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