Our philosophy of what college should be is different. At the University of Denver, you’ll find a place that cultivates your passion to express what you deeply believe. We’ll provide the inspiration, opportunities and experiences that will ignite something that can never be extinguished: the desire and ability to impact the world. At DU, everything we do here is for one thing: for the difference it sparks in you.

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For the difference that inclusion invites.

At DU, you can lead. You’ll be surrounded by people who care, just like you do, ready to support you and champion your ideas. Plan a campus rally, join a political action club or debate ideas among a diverse group of friends. And don’t forget the exciting city of Denver, brimming with opportunities to learn about culture, about organizing, about catalyzing real change. Finding the right people makes a big difference, and we are your kind of people.

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For the difference that ideas inspire.

Here, you are in the driver’s seat of your education. We offer world-class, carefully curated academics, no matter what you choose to study. And they’re designed to launch your unique dreams. You can dive deep into your areas of passion by double-majoring or having one or multiple minors. You can challenge society’s norms and ask hard questions in class and in the community and drive toward true solutions. You can study abroad, express yourself on stage and advance the common good through a meaningful internship doing public service. Every opportunity is yours to own, and every opportunity will bring out the excellence within you.

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Come experience the difference DU can make for you.

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