Our philosophy of what college should be is different. At the University of Denver, we don’t just offer a world-class education. We also deepen your thinking, grow your curiosity and stretch your sense of what is possible. We are relentlessly dedicated to equipping you to shape your future with your innovative, unique vision. Because everything we do here is for one thing: for the difference it creates for you and your future.

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For the difference that personalization affords.

At DU, your ideas shine--we have 120+ student clubs and organizations, allowing you to step up, to discover, to work alongside other students who care about what you care about. You can join an intentional living and learning community and engage in thoughtful discussions while forming deep friendships. Supportive staff will help you find the most impactful study abroad location, a strategic internship in downtown Denver or a research opportunity that will put you on the map. You’ll find out how much farther you can go when you get personal attention from brilliant minds who are as thoughtful and driven as you.

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For the difference that curiosity sparks.

Students here have so many opportunities to innovate, envision and create their way to the future of their dreams. The Honors Program pushes students to achieve more, aim higher, invest more deeply in their area of passion. Enterprising students can customize their academic experience with multiple majors or minors, opening more doors for enhancing their resume and jump-starting their success. At DU, the more invested you are, the more opportunity you’ll discover around every corner of this world-class academic environment.

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