Department of Theatre - A Midsummer Night's Dream

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March 10

2:00pm - 4:30pm

March 9

7:30pm - 10:00pm

March 8

7:30pm - 10:00pm

March 7

7:30pm - 10:00pm

March 2

7:30pm - 10:00pm

March 1

7:30pm - 10:00pm

February 29

7:30pm - 10:00pm

Audience: Alumni,  Current Student,  Faculty,  Families,  Neighbor or Friend,  Prospective Student,  Staff

On Midsummer's Night, the real and fairy worlds collide. Four young lovers, faced with the prospect of unhappy marriage or worse, flee the court of Athens and stumble into an enchanted forest. Nearby, a group of amateur actors reherase a play to celebrate an upcoming royal wedding. As these mere mortals cross paths with warring fairy King and Queen, chaos reigns in the natural world. The lines between reality and illusion start to blur and no-one but mischievous Puck knows what is true and what is magic.

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Sabin Epstein

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