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Cooking to Nourish: Gut Health
One In-Person Session
Sat., Apr. 6, 2024, 1-3:30 pm MT

The saying goes, you are what you eat. But that’s not quite right. Actually, you are what you digest and absorb. All the functions of the body require nutrients, which are delivered in foods, but first you must be able to digest and then absorb those nutrients. That’s where having optimal gut health comes in, and unfortunately, that’s where many people fall short in their health journey.

In this two-part class, nutrition expert Dianne Koehler and Chef Jacqui Gabel share what helps you optimize your gut health.

Part one is a 30-minute session where Koehler covers the top five nutrients that support peak gut function. Discover the roles these nutrients play, the gut damaging impacts that result from deficiency and the best ways to regularly achieve optimal levels in your diet.

In part two, a two-hour hands-on cooking class, you apply the nutritional principles you learned in part one. Here Chef Gabel guides you through the process of prepping and cooking a nutrient-dense, gluten-free meal that leaves you feeling satisfied and well nourished.

At the end, come away with new culinary expertise that makes your gut healthier and happier!

Class is held at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Arvada, Colorado. Seating is limited, so register early!

Dianne Koehler is a 2007 graduate of Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI) who has since become a teacher and community speaker. She has continued her education through additional training in holistic health, high-level wellness, herbal therapeutics, functional blood chemistry analysis and endocrinology. She has been an instructor at NTI for more than 10 years, became academic dean in 2017 and director of NTI in 2019.

Jacqui Gabel has worked as a chef in kitchens throughout the U.S., South America and Asia—spending time with home cooks, farmers and professional chefs. In 2016, she graduated from Nutrition Therapy Institute’s Natural Food Chef program and has continued to study nutrition science. She teaches culinary lessons to people looking to support their health and cooks for families throughout Denver and Boulder.


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