From Historical Trauma to Modern Oppression


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  • Course Code: BUTL-0004_2024
  • Location: University Park
  • Mode of Study: Online
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This training is intended to create shared understanding among a group of people in order to facilitate ongoing dialogue about addressing racism and cultural and historical trauma. Learners will gain understanding of concepts related to race, ethnicity, culture, and cultural identities. Through discussions about power, privilege, and racism, learners will develop a foundational understanding of how systemic oppression has led to the marginalization of people throughout the United States. They will learn how historical and cultural trauma are intertwined, and how racism is a trauma trigger as well as the cause of new adversity. Learners will think critically about how to apply this knowledge to their daily practice. They will leave the course with skills to promote resiliency in a culturally grounded way, as well as foundational knowledge on developing anti-racist organizational policies.


Butler Institute for Families
Graduate School of Social Work
2601 E. Colorado Ave. 4th Floor
Denver, CO 80210
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