R1 In-Person: Race and Gender Biases


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Understanding the Dynamics of Race and Gender Biases
One In-Person Session
Thur., Oct. 10, 2024, 6:30-8 pm MT

Acknowledging the presence and impact of race and gender biases is crucial. Delving deeper into the origins and mechanisms behind these biases may offer insights into how we perceive and interact with others and lead to positive changes in our attitudes and behaviors. In this lecture, psychology professor Dr. Paige Lloyd explores how research is helping us better understand race and gender biases. She presents new research on stereotypes, false beliefs and interpersonal insensitivity along with how we see others and behave toward marginalized group members, especially Black individuals, people experiencing poverty and women. For each area of research she presents, Dr. Lloyd examines the work within the arenas of healthcare and criminal justice and considers the impact of biases on treatment of marginalized communities. For example, Dr. Lloyd provides evidence that women are sometimes stereotyped as emotional and dramatic. She says this may cause medical practitioners to not trust women’s assessment of their own pain, thus promoting discrimination in pain treatment. In another line of research, she explores racial biases in the use of force and identifies processes that may be behind this discriminatory practice. “We’re uncovering findings that have implications for how we relate to each other and offer insights for the development of interventions to reduce disparities in healthcare and justice systems,” Dr. Lloyd says.

Dr. Paige Lloyd is an assistant professor in the University of Denver’s Psychology Department. Her research investigates the determinants and consequences of person perception, with an emphasis on implications for social inequality and discrimination. Lloyd also facilitates student-led research that examines inequality in healthcare, criminal justice and education.


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