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Academic Costs

Tuition for the 24/25 academic year is $1668 per unit of credit. In their first two years, JDP students typically take 31 units of credit each year which makes the costs less than the standard cost of attendance models.  Also, as noted in the financial aid section below, all JDP students are offered a significant tuition discount. 

A typical cost schedule could look something like this:

  Fall  Quarter
(8 units)        
Winter Quarter
(12 units)
Spring Quarter
(11 units)
Tuition $13,344 $20,016 $18,348
Fees $ 89 $ 105 $ 101
Health Insurance (if needed*) $ 1,885   $1,885
Total $15,318 $20,121 $20,334

*If you participate in the DU Student Health Insurance Program, you will be charged only in the fall and spring quarters for 12-month coverage. You may waive participation in the program if you are covered by another plan. An additional Health and Counseling Fee is a optional supplement to the Health Insurance.  See the Health and Counseling website for more information.

** Please note that these costs are estimated using the best available information at the time this was posted.

Other Costs

In addition to tuition and fees, students should consider other costs.  While housing  and other costs can vary widely, here is a sample budget that may be helpful.  We currently do not have institutional aid to cover these costs.  Students find other sources of aid or employment to help cover them. 

Item Est. Expense
Room and Board             $18,846
Books $  1,000
Personal Expenses $  1,611
Transportation $  1,536
Loan Fees $     201


Financial Aid

All financial aid awarded by the DU/Iliff Joint Doctoral Program is based on merit. We strive to maximize financial support for our students. All JDP students are awarded a Tuition Discount Fellowship that covers between 60% to 100% of the first 82 units of tuition. 

With a mid-range discount of 80% the tuition from the above chart would look more like this:


Fall Quarter
(8 units)

Winter Quarter
(12 units)

Spring Quarter
(11 units)
Tuition with an 80% discount $2,669 $4,003 $3,670
Other costs remain unchanged


The final 8 units of independent research (dissertation credit) are not covered by the Tuition Discount Fellowship. However other scholarships and Graduate Teaching Assistantships of $2800.00 per course are often available.

In addition to aid that comes directly from the program, funding is available from the University of Denver Office of Graduate Education. Special application or nomination is required to receive these monies.

**** There are also numerous other organizations that offer fellowships and scholarships.  A list funding sources can be found on the JDP Portfolio page.****




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