Recent Dissertations

Students have successfully defended dissertations that demonstrate specialized knowledge as well as the interdisciplinary potential of the program.  

Recent dissertations:

  • Cari Myers, "'How to Make it Here': A Qualitative Study on Generational Narratives of Survival and Success Among Latino/a and White Evangelical Communities Along the US/Mexico Border"
  • Patrick Stefan, "The Power of Resurrection: Early Christian Resistance Through the Rise of Disciplinary Power"
  • Donnie Featherston, "Living Through Terror and Terror Through Living: The Biopolitical Dimensions of Religion, Security and Terrorism"
  • John Bechtold, "Tragic Creation - Hope for the Future: Moltmann's Creative (Mis)Reading of Hegel's Philosophy"
  • Ben Sanders, "'Traditioning' Blackness: A Theo-Ethical Analysis of Black Identity in Black Theological Discourse"
  • Norton Herbst, "A History of Nondenominational Churches in Denver and Beyond, 1945-2000"
  • Ben Peters, "Narrativizing Theory: The Role of Ambiguity in Religious Aesthetics"
  • Michael Hemenway, "Bible As Interface"
  • Catherine Osborn, "In a Material World: Analyzing Religious Peacebuilding in Lebanon and Bosnia-Herzagovina"
  • Lee Tredwell, "Black, Queer, and Blessed: Toward a Biblically Based Black, Queer Theology"
  • Ryan Hall, " "Maybe Jesus Was Suicidal Too": A Qualitative Inquiry Into Religion and Spirituality in Suicide Attempts"
  • Scott Moore, "A Conviction of Texts Not Seen: Perceiving Exodus as the Generative Text of Hebrews"
  • Andriette Jordan-Fields, "Why Does The Caged Bird Sing? A Phenomenological Analysis of the African American Clergywoman and Her Plight in Black Churches: An Ethical Dilemma"
  • Hannah Ingram, "The Myth of the Saving Power of Education: A Practical Theology Approach"
  • Jesse Workman, "Phenomenology and Blindness: Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, and an Alternative Metaphysical Vision"
  • Kenneth Geter, "Missed appropriations: Uncovering Heidegger's debt to Kirkegaard in being and time"
  • Amy L. Balogh, "Circumcising the mouth of Moses: The Idolatrous Status of Yahweh's mediator among the idols of ancient Mesopotamia"
  • Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, "The Entanglement of Anzaldúan Materiality as Bodily Knowing: Matter, Meaning, and Interrelatedness"
  • Zachary Moon, "(Re)Turning Warriors: A Practical Theology of Military Moral Stress"
  • Paula Lee, "Lonely Mystics: A Practical Theological Analysis of Emerging Post-Secular Spiritualities"
  • David Scott, "The Limits of Human Flourishing: Reconstructing theological anthropology in light of cognitive disability" 
  • Tyler Akers, "'Fall' and Redemption in the Thought of Martin Heidegger and Jacques Lacan"
  • Justin Barber, "Citation Methodologies in Eusebius' "Historia ecclesiastica" and Other Ancient Historiography"
  • Jamie Beachy, "Spiritual care as creative interruption: Exploring a generative metaphor for intercultural healthcare chaplaincy"
  • Grace Chiou, "Feel Good Giving: the Mythic Construction of  Generosity in Millions"
  • Elizabeth Coody, "Imagining the Scandal of the Cross with Graphic/Novel Reading"
  • Mark Freeland, "Conceptual Decolonization of Space: Worldview and Language in Anishinaabe-Akiing"
  • Richard Vincent O'Connell, "Angels With Leather Wings: An Ethnography of the Christian Motorcyclists Association"
  • Mark E. Maxwell, "Condemnation, Death, and Justification: From what is one saved in Paul's thought?"
  • Kerry Holton, "Schleiermacher's Doctrine of Biblical Authority: An Alternative to Content-Based/Supernaturalist and Function-Based/Rationalist Models"
  • Catlyn Keenan, "Behind the Doors of White Supremacy"
  • Jacob Kines, "Setting the Captors Free: Soteriology in the Thought and Praxis of Martin Luther King, Jr."
  • Ryan Lokkesmoe, "Finding Onesimus: Recovering the Story of a First Century Fugitive Slave"
  • Jared Nieft, "F.W.J. Schelling's "Ages of the World": Acting Out of Time"
  • Melissa Pula, "Rethinking the Community as Temple: Discourse and Spatial Practice in the Community Rule (1QS)"
  • Micah Saxton, "Scripture and Self in Origen's Exegetical Discourse(s)"
  • Christa Schwind, "Tracing an American Yoga: Identity and Cross-Cultural Transaction"



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