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DU/Iliff Joint PhD Program in the Study of Religion

recent dissertations

Recent Dissertations

Students have successfully defended dissertations that demonstrate specialized knowledge as well as the interdisciplinary potential of the program.  

Recent dissertations:

  • Cari Myers, "'How to Make it Here': A Qualitative Study on Generational Narratives of Survival and Success Among Latino/a and White Evangelical Communities Along the US/Mexico Border"
  • Patrick Stefan, "The Power of Resurrection: Early Christian Resistance Through the Rise of Disciplinary Power"
  • Donnie Featherston, "Living Through Terror and Terror Through Living: The Biopolitical Dimensions of Religion, Security and Terrorism"
  • John Bechtold, "Tragic Creation - Hope for the Future: Moltmann's Creative (Mis)Reading of Hegel's Philosophy"
  • Ben Sanders, "'Traditioning' Blackness: A Theo-Ethical Analysis of Black Identity in Black Theological Discourse"
  • Norton Herbst, "A History of Nondenominational Churches in Denver and Beyond, 1945-2000"
  • Ben Peters, "Narrativizing Theory: The Role of Ambiguity in Religious Aesthetics"
  • Michael Hemenway, "Bible As Interface"
  • Catherine Osborn, "In a Material World: Analyzing Religious Peacebuilding in Lebanon and Bosnia-Herzagovina"
  • Lee Tredwell, "Black, Queer, and Blessed: Toward a Biblically Based Black, Queer Theology"
  • Ryan Hall, " "Maybe Jesus Was Suicidal Too": A Qualitative Inquiry Into Religion and Spirituality in Suicide Attempts"
  • Scott Moore, "A Conviction of Texts Not Seen: Perceiving Exodus as the Generative Text of Hebrews"
  • Andriette Jordan-Fields, "Why Does The Caged Bird Sing? A Phenomenological Analysis of the African American Clergywoman and Her Plight in Black Churches: An Ethical Dilemma"
  • Hannah Ingram, "The Myth of the Saving Power of Education: A Practical Theology Approach"
  • Jesse Workman, "Phenomenology and Blindness: Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, and an Alternative Metaphysical Vision"
  • Kenneth Geter, "Missed appropriations: Uncovering Heidegger's debt to Kirkegaard in being and time"
  • Amy L. Balogh, "Circumcising the mouth of Moses: The Idolatrous Status of Yahweh's mediator among the idols of ancient Mesopotamia"
  • Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, "The Entanglement of Anzaldúan Materiality as Bodily Knowing: Matter, Meaning, and Interrelatedness"
  • Zachary Moon, "(Re)Turning Warriors: A Practical Theology of Military Moral Stress"
  • Paula Lee, "Lonely Mystics: A Practical Theological Analysis of Emerging Post-Secular Spiritualities"
  • David Scott, "The Limits of Human Flourishing: Reconstructing theological anthropology in light of cognitive disability" 
  • Tyler Akers, "'Fall' and Redemption in the Thought of Martin Heidegger and Jacques Lacan"
  • Justin Barber, "Citation Methodologies in Eusebius' "Historia ecclesiastica" and Other Ancient Historiography"
  • Jamie Beachy, "Spiritual care as creative interruption: Exploring a generative metaphor for intercultural healthcare chaplaincy"
  • Grace Chiou, "Feel Good Giving: the Mythic Construction of  Generosity in Millions"
  • Elizabeth Coody, "Imagining the Scandal of the Cross with Graphic/Novel Reading"
  • Mark Freeland, "Conceptual Decolonization of Space: Worldview and Language in Anishinaabe-Akiing"
  • Richard Vincent O'Connell, "Angels With Leather Wings: An Ethnography of the Christian Motorcyclists Association"
  • Mark E. Maxwell, "Condemnation, Death, and Justification: From what is one saved in Paul's thought?"
  • Kerry Holton, "Schleiermacher's Doctrine of Biblical Authority: An Alternative to Content-Based/Supernaturalist and Function-Based/Rationalist Models"
  • Catlyn Keenan, "Behind the Doors of White Supremacy"
  • Jacob Kines, "Setting the Captors Free: Soteriology in the Thought and Praxis of Martin Luther King, Jr."
  • Ryan Lokkesmoe, "Finding Onesimus: Recovering the Story of a First Century Fugitive Slave"
  • Jared Nieft, "F.W.J. Schelling's "Ages of the World": Acting Out of Time"
  • Melissa Pula, "Rethinking the Community as Temple: Discourse and Spatial Practice in the Community Rule (1QS)"
  • Micah Saxton, "Scripture and Self in Origen's Exegetical Discourse(s)"
  • Christa Schwind, "Tracing an American Yoga: Identity and Cross-Cultural Transaction"