CAC II Series: Professional Ethics II

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July 12 - July 13

8:00am - 5:00pm

Thursday, July 12 - Friday, July 13, 2018
8am - 4pm.

Registration opens in early 2018. To be added to a registration notification list, please email

The Center for Professional Development is proud to offer Certified Addiction Counseling Trainings at the University of Denver. Join instructors Thea Wessel and Erin Gazelka and take the courses you need to complete your certification.

Location: University of Denver Campus

Price: $279 per attendee

Learning Objectives:

a. Name at least three classifications of addicting chemicals and describe the ways in which they are introduced into the body.

b. Describe how the method of delivery of drugs of abuse into the body impacts the effects felt by the user.

c. Define the half-life of a drug and ways in which psychoactive chemicals affect neurotransmission in the brain.

d. Describe how the functions of the human body are affected by the use of mind-altering chemicals and the behaviors that can lead to long term and life threatening concerns.

e. Be able to name the symptoms of intoxication and withdrawal for each drug classification.

f. Understand the impact of poly-substance use.

For questions and information contact the Center for Professional Development at or 303-871-4161

This course is being offered for 14 contact hours through the University of Denver. The Center for Professional Development maintains responsibility for this content.