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Facilities Management & Planning

Capital Projects

Facilities Management & Planning

Capital Projects

Facilities Gradual Return


General Statement:   The DU Social Distancing policy outlines the measures to be taken prior to any facility modification such as work from home and use of unoccupied spaces.  DU will consider making modifications to workspaces to provide engineering controls where social distancing is not feasible. 

For COVID/Social Distancing related building modifications, the  Building Managers/COVID Access Managers shall make requests via submission of the “COVID Building Modification Request” form, and submit to:  Please save the file(s) with the name of the building.

COVID Classroom / Building Modification Request Form

Please note:   Building Managers/COVID Access Managers are assigned to gather requests for the building and are to complete this form. All buildings, regardless of occupancy or use, shall have the following improvements/updates made without the need to submit this type of request - physical and digital signage, taping off water fountains, restrooms, and controlling building access.

  • Classroom modifications will be submitted through coordination with the Registrar. 
  • Requests for disinfection and cleaning support will still be made through the work order system. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Capital Projects and Planning, Rachel Stonecypher, at x 1-2167 and

For University updates and information, visit the DU   COVID-19 website  and subscribe to   @uofdenver Twitter.


 capital projects overview

The University requires potential capital projects to be developed in a uniform manner that will help senior leadership understand and consider the idea. Capital projects should contribute to fulfilling the goals of the University, including inclusive excellence, innovation, integrity, and engagement. Proposed projects must explicitly include a statement of how the project addresses the needs of our diverse campus community.

The Capital Project Request program in FY22 will follow a similar approach to previous years with respect to timing of the requests and departmental scoping required upon submission. However, we will maintain the FY21 approach to project review and approval that was put in place last year due to COVID-19 campus budget impacts. This process includes the additional layer of project review and approval by campus leadership in order for units to expend funding on a project.

If a project is a minor repair, it can be completed by submitting a Work Request.

For all other projects, a project development review process will be staffed by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance for the Provost's Office. The first step in the project development process is to fill out the Concept Description section of the Phase I Capital Project Proposal form. Once you have filled out the Concept Description please email the  Phase I Form  to the Capital Projects Team at: .  Once received, the Projects Team will then facilitate the process with the appropriate Facilities and Provost staff, and will develop the remainder of the Phase I document with the project contact.

Capital Expenditures and Lead Time

As outlined in a recent memo to Administrative Council, Capital Projects and Expenditures at all levels require adequate lead times to ensure that the proposed project expenditures are aligned with the unit's and University's strategic plan; are aligned with the Campus Framework Plan; are within quality guidelines and available financial resources; can be timely 

The dates listed below are for the timeline necessary for submitting projects that require design and permitting. Projects of less complexity ( not needing design consultants or permitting ) will likely be able to be completed during the school year or during winter or spring breaks. 

  • Upon submission of the Phase I request, the department should account for the time required for scoping, estimating and departmental approvals.

  • Additionally, the reflected dates should also take into consideration the three to six-week timing for Phase I approval, ledger 7 establishment, contract review, and issuing of a Purchase Order. 

Project Cutoff Dates for FY22*

Capital Projects

Note:  Project submission timeline reflects anticipated design and permitting effort based on project budget (scope complexity); permitting with the City and County of Denver can take 13-16 weeks. 

       *All projects are reviewed and approved by senior leadership who may alleviate a project's timing to meet pressing University needs.  

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