Event Set-Up & Production

Facilities works in concert with DU Conference & Events to facilitate special events with billable Event Set-Up, Production Services, Furniture Rentals & Stage Design.

Facilities event setup and production services

Rentals & Production

  • Large venue conversions & consulting
  • Room layout, table & chairs & stage design
  • HVAC & temporary electrical set-up
  • Grounds clean-up, snow removal, sprinklers
  • Rental equipment & drop-off/pick-up

(Work Order System Requires DU WiFi or VPN)

Schedule Custodial Cleanup After Events

Custodial Clean-Up (Required with Food)

Aramark Custodial Services are separate from Facilities Event Services and require a separate Work Order Request. Schedule event clean-up or call 303-871-4819 8am to 6pm.

(Work Order System Requires DU WiFi or VPN)

Planning Your Event Production Request

  • Event Clean-Up

    Select Building Services & Service Partner Offerings

    Review parking permits, accessibility requests, catering & linen rentals. Rental equipment availability may be limited in spring & summer.

  • Billing Requirements

    Get Your Billing Account Ready

    Provide your department's billing account to process your Requests. Ask your Financial Officer, Supervisor or Office Coordinator.

  • Facilities Work Order Requirements

    Make your Work Order Request

    Requests must be made on DU WiFI or VPN through iServiceDesk, our Work Request system. No fax or voicemail requests will be accepted.

  • Event Clean-Up

    Schedule Event Clean-Up

    If you have food at your event, Schedule a Work Request for Custodial Clean-Up. Call 303-871-4819 between 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

  • Event Guide

    Review DU Planning Resources

    DU's Event Planning Guide from DU Conferencing & Events is helpful for any occasion.

Operating Policies and Procedures

  • All requests for Event Set-Up & Production Services must be submitted through iServiceDesk, the Facilities Management work request system, at least seven working days prior to the event.

  • Billable Event Building Services Include:

    • Production consulting
    • Large venue conversions
    • Room layout with chair & table sets
    • Stage design & production
    • Day-of production assistance (with expedite charge)
    • HVAC and temporary electrical set-up
    • Irrigation shut-off
    • Grounds clean-up and snow removal
    • Rental equipment drop-off and pick-up, including labor
    • Custodial Cleanup is required for events serving food. Custodial Clean-Up Services are scheduled in a separate work order request with custodial staff in a separate work order.
  • The Department of Facilities Management & Planning does not assist with room reservations or space rental, which is handled by the Department of Conference & Event Services. Facilities Management will assist with event set-up and production only after a reservation has been confirmed.

  • We will do our best to accommodate requests made less than seven working days in advance; however, we cannot guarantee the availability of sufficient labor, and the requesting department will be charged double the normal rate.

  • Following submission of a work request, Facilities Management will reply with an email confirmation and any questions we may have regarding event details.

  • Facilities Management cannot guarantee the security of provided items after set-up is complete. This means requestors are responsible for their security until they are picked up post-event. Replacement costs for any lost or stolen items will be charged to the requesting department.

  • In case of a Facilities Management–related event emergency, please call 303-435-2128 or page us at 303-851-6290.

  • Facilities Management will detail event set-up in accordance with the work request, including digital photos of the set. Additional fees may be incurred for resetting an event if items become displaced following the initial set-up.

  • In order to regulate workflow and control costs, Facilities Management will take direction from only one duly authorized University employee, appointed as the event manager.

  • Any alteration to the facility or grounds by or on behalf of an outside entity must be approved in advance of the event.

  • Work requests must specify all relevant event details necessary for Facilities Management to provide adequate services.

Event Emergency Service Contact

Emergency Contacts

In case of a Facilities Management–related event emergency, please call 303-435-2128 or page us at 303-851-6290.

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