Coronavirus Updates

Please share with building occupants. All COVID-19-related signage previously in place can be removed if it has not been already. This includes all distancing, out-of-service, and elevator occupancy limitation signage. All-clear signage at entryways, however, will stay in place.

Custodial Services will resume pre-pandemic cleaning protocols with one exception — we will be reducing the normal weekly office cleaning to twice a month (bi-weekly) due to current custodial staffing shortages.

Hand sanitizer dispensers at disinfection stations (wall mounted and floor stands in Commons) will still be replenished every Friday. Facilities Management will no longer provide disinfecting wipes at disinfection stations. These can still be acquired via work order from the Warehouse by Building Managers and individual departments.

Facilities will resume normal scheduling of routine work orders for painting, standard non-COVID related signage, cabinetry, etc.

Find complete information on the state of DU's pandemic protocols at the link below.

Coronavirus and DU



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