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Facilities Management & Planning


Facilities Management & Planning

Energy Management

The Building and Grounds Committee of the University of Denver Board of Trustees believes it is the responsibility of the Facilities Department to ensure that every effort is made to conserve energy and natural resources while practicing sound financial management.

It is will be the responsibility of the Director of Facilities Management to develop and maintain an Energy Management Plan, develop specific guidelines and implement a program designed to achieve the efficient use of energy within the University of Denver, yet ensure a comfortable and pleasant learning atmosphere within each facility.

It is essential that energy guidelines be established and observed for the operation of the heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, other electrical equipment and water consumption. Every faculty, student and staff will be expected to contribute to energy efficiency. The Facilities Department will collect monthly information reflecting the energy consumption for the facility or group of facilities and will be responsible for tracking and reporting on the total energy (gas, electric, and water) consumption of the building(s). Every member of the University community will be asked to be responsible for implementing the guidelines for the areas they occupy.

To maintain an environment conducive to the educational objective of the University, the classroom temperature, when occupied, should be no higher than 70 degrees during the heating season and no lower than 72 degrees during the cooling season.

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