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2019 Amicus Universitatis Award Ceremony

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University of Denver

Recognizing staff members who have served the University for 20 or more years

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In 1977, the Faculty Senate established the University of Denver’s Amicus Award to recognize the distinguished service of appointed employees who have worked for 20 or more years in an administrative, research, professional or support position upon retirement or leaving the University. 

The recipients were nominated for the award by members of the University community. Since the inception of this award, there have been 205 recipients, including the 5 honorees this year. 

This year’s recipients were recognized at a luncheon held May 29:

Cathy Grieve, Conference, Events, and Special Programs 39.75 Years of Service

Cathy Grieve

Tinka Crosby, Office of the Registrar 27.5 Years of Service

Tinka Crosby

Diane Burkhardt, Sturm College of Law Library 25.67 Years of Service

Diane Burkhardt

Patrick Hoxsey, Athletics and Recreation 24.17 Years of Service

Patrick Hoxsley

Lucille Sandoval, Business and Financial Affairs 21.5 Years of Service

Lucille Sandoval