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2019 Faculty & Staff Awards

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Ritchie School Communications Team

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At the end of each academic year we recognize faculty and staff who stand out because of their exceptional work and value to our community. Meet this year's award recipients and read a comment from the voting process.
Dr. Shelburne Receiving Award from Dean Holston

Scholar of the Year | Dr. Kevin Shelburne

Dr. Shelburne is a dedicated researcher and scientist who is driven by a love for his work. Dr. Shelburne is a patient and kind person to work with, and is a fantastic mentor and resource for the grad students in the Biomechanics group.

Learn more about Dr. Shelburne


Teacher of the Year | Dr. Chadd Clary

He is the hardest working person in the building. He cares about his students and provides them with a unique educational experience.

Learn more about Dr. Chadd Clary


Staff Member of the Year | Tali Koziol Thomason

Tali is nothing short of amazing! A wealth of knowledge. An expert in all fields related to MarComm and beyond. Her immense commitment to our school and our students is truly inspirational and motivational.

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Citizen of Year | Becca Stinn

Becca is fabulous to work with, always smiling, handles every situation gracefully and peacefully, ready to lend a helping hand and she is a breath of fresh air.

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Dean's Award | Dr. Cathy Durso

Cathy is an inspiring and well loved teacher. She has labored to create an effective and successful professional master's program here at DU .

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