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2020 and 2021 Amicus Universitatis Award Winners Announced

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University of Denver

Recognizing staff members who have served the University for 20 or more years

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In 1977, the Faculty Senate established the University of Denver’s Amicus Awards to recognize the distinguished service of appointed employees who have worked for 20 or more years in an administrative, research, professional or support position upon retirement or leaving the University.

The recipients are nominated by members of the University community. Since the inception of this award, there have been 222 recipients, including the seven honorees in 2020 and the 10 honorees in 2021.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 delayed plans to honor 2020 award winners, so all 2020 and 2021 honorees were honored at an award ceremony in November 2021. Please give our winners a round of applause and a heartfelt congratulations for their service to the DU community. 

2020 Amicus Award Winners

Craig Woody

Craig Woody, Business and Financial Affairs, 35.5 years of service


Carolyn Bolden

Carolyn Bolden, IT-Enterprise Application Services, 32.08 years of service


Ronald Grahame

Ronald Grahame, Athletics Marketing, 26 years of service


Pam Carnahan

Pam Carnahan, FPM-Administration, 24.83 years of service


Award winners not pictured: 

Scott Schrage, FPM-Administration, 27 years of service
Beth Kuwata, Athletics Marketing, 23.08 years of service
Debra Mixon Mitchell, Human Resources Administration, 21.5 years of service



2021 Amicus Award Winners

Laurie Cook

Laurie Cook, Admission, 34.08 years of service


Lynn Hawrylak

Lynn Hawrylak, Office Of Student Financial Service,  27.67 years of service


Diane Hughes

Diane Hughes, UCOL Administration, 24.92 years of service


William Squyres-Price

William Squyres-Price, FPM-Dorm Maintenance, 21.58 years of service


John Thunen

John Thunen, DCB-Dean's Office, 21.33 years of service


Michele McCandless

Michele McCandless, Disability Services Program, 20.75 years of service


2021 Award Winners Not Pictured:

Susan Lutz, IT-Enterprise Application Services, 43.83 years of service
Pat Kavanagh, Shared Services Center – Payroll, 34.17 years of service
Michael Simon, Athletics Marketing, 21.42 years of service
Catherine Kissell, SCOL-Operations, 20.75 years of service