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5 Vegan Restaurants for Your Dining Pleasure

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Matt Meyer



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Dear reader, you’ll be shocked to learn that this Wyoming-raised author is, in fact, not vegan. His first vegan meal was a black bean burger in 2010. It tasted like charcoal toothpaste, and the restaurant closed a few months later.

Lucky for us both, then, that the Denver metro area is chock-full of great vegan options, whether you’re looking to eat healthier, satisfy dietary restrictions or help the planet with more environmentally conscious food.

If you’re searching for a quick bite or a spot for a sit-down meal, this edition of DU Field Notes is your guide for some vegan options around the city.

Fellow Traveler

Just a 10-minute car ride from DU and technically in Englewood, Fellow Traveler is remarkably affordable for what you get. The fully vegan menu—with plenty of gluten-free options, too—is advertised as “vegan grub, sexy drinks, and good vibes.”

Everything from Mexican food to coconut curry and banh mi sandwiches are on the menu, plus they offer a weekend brunch with breakfast staples. Throw in the well-stocked bar, and this is a great option for your next outing close to campus.

Next Level Burger

If you’d rather walk from campus, Next Level Burger is a great spot. Gone are the days of chalky black bean burgers. The plant-based ground rounds just a stone’s throw down Evans Ave. are juicy, varied and straight-up delicious. 

And they don’t just serve burgers. There are plant-based “CluckerWiches” and “CluckerNuggs,” healthier, more environmentally friendly versions of chicken dishes. Don’t forget to order a shake, made with soy or coconut ice cream.


Let’s all collectively extend our pinkies. Maybe you’re looking for a classy, upscale vegan option. For that, Linger has you covered. Built in what was once a mortuary just across the river in the Highlands, this restaurant offers modern, small plates in the $30-$50 range and features a rooftop lounge with some excellent views of downtown Denver.

While technically not entirely vegan, almost every option on the menu can be modified to fit a myriad of dietary restrictions. It’s also one of the most well-designed venues on this list, with a funky-yet-sophisticated vibe.

Watercourse Foods

One of the longest-running vegan restaurants in the area, Watercourse Foods has been dishing out delicious vegan meals longer than most current DU students have been alive. Opened in 1998, this restaurant just east of downtown serves all-day breakfast and boasts a flavorful lunch menu with arguably the best Cuban sandwich around.

The cozy interior is great for a date or small group outing, and its location makes it a prime recovery spot after your downtown adventures.

Everyday Pizza

If you’re heading to Coors Field to watch whichever team the Rockies are playing, make sure to stop at Everyday Pizza. Located just blocks from the MLB’s most infamous party deck, Everyday Pizza has a variety of crust options that are both vegan and gluten-free.

What really sets this place apart, though, is the variety of sauces. Almond tzatziki, garlic aioli, chili aioli and almond skordalia are offered alongside traditional tomato sauce.

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