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Advancing Student Employment at DU

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University of Denver

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Students need campus employment now more than ever. Over the past year, DU’s Career and Professional Development team has been working to create an enhanced employment program to support students and supervisors, and to give students equitable access to meaningful learning and professional development experiences across campus.

To get resources needed for your hiring process, visit the new Student Employment website, which features a toolkit for supervisors. Included in this toolkit is a hiring checklist, job description samples, and instructions for posting open student employment positions in Pioneer Careers. There’s also a series of blog posts about how to engage students and links to campus partners involved student employee processes.

In a typical academic year, about 1800 undergraduate and 1200 graduate students report student employment earnings. In addition, nearly 700 graduate students work as teaching or research assistants. DU’s new student employment approach encompasses the campus-wide organization of a professional learning and development framework so students are not defined by their funding source (work-study, departmental funds, grants, etc.). The work our students do is of great value to our University and to the research our faculty members produce. At the same time, it helps students gain employment experience and prepare for careers.

As part of our effort to treat all employees equitably, we have repositioned the student employment function from the financial aid department to Career and Professional Development. And we have expanded related supports and services, in order to provide seamless service to everyone involved and to ensure the successful collaboration and alignment across all departments that contribute to the student employment experience.

As we work to build out trainings and resources to provide meaningful learning and professional development opportunities to our student employees and supervisors, we will update our website. In the meantime, please reach out to Student Employment with any questions.