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Antisemitism, discrimination and harassment

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Jeremy Haefner

Announcement  •

Dear DU Community,  

Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed news and social media coverage about protests on university campuses across the country. Regardless of the intent, as part of the protests we have too-often witnessed disturbing and unacceptable acts of hatred, discrimination, and harassment. Acts of antisemitism are the highest they have been since the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) began its tracking in 1979.   

As you know, the University of Denver is deeply committed to free expression – we each have the right to express ourselves and call for change that reflects our values. On our campus we have had a few demonstrations related to the conflict in the Middle East. Though most participants in these demonstrations appear to have followed University policies, we have received reports that a recent demonstration contained antisemitic language, and as such, these reports have been referred to our Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX for review. Like all acts of discrimination, antisemitic behavior is intolerable. I am always proud of our students for standing up for their beliefs, but DU will not allow peaceful protest to slip into discrimination. Please be sure to report any incidents involving discrimination or harassment to EOIX. 

Let me be very clear. As I have said previously, while we strongly support free expression, calls for genocide, acts of violence, or antisemitism will not be tolerated at DU. Our Policy on Discrimination and Harassment prohibits discrimination and harassment based on protected statuses including religion, race, ethnicity, shared ancestry and national origin, including antisemitism and Islamophobia. And our Student Honor Code prohibits additional forms of harassment, including bullying, intimidation, coercion and retaliation. It is important for all DU community members to become familiar with each of these important documents because they reflect our values. 

As a scholarly institution—one that seeks to listen, understand, and grapple with the complexities of our modern world—let us not forget that we are here, together, to be curious, to speak and listen open-mindedly, and learn from the past in order to shape the future. As we engage thoughtfully with this moment, do not forget the humanity of those around you.


Jeremy Haefner