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Campus Safety Emergency Notifications

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Every quarter Campus Safety tests our emergency notification system. These notifications are intended to provide you with important information about a potential threat and any immediate action you should take. Alerts that instruct the community to take action will fall into four categories:

  • Lockdown: Applies to threats that are inside (i.e., active shooter/harmer)
    • Necessary actions:  Lock interior doors, turn out lights, move away from sight, do not open the door, maintain silence
  • Lockout (uncommon): Applies to outside threats (i.e., nearby disturbance, robbery, report of person with firearm)
    • Necessary actions: Return inside, lock exterior doors, increase situational awareness, business as usual
  • Evacuate: Applies to fires, bomb threats, floods (depending upon the situation) and other emergencies
    • Necessary actions: Leave belongings behind, bring your phone, head 50 feet away from the building. Wait for Denver Fire or Campus Safety to declare the building safe to reenter
  • Shelter in place: Applies to inclement weather such as tornados and even severe thunderstorms.
    • Necessary actions: Move indoors if outside. Move to shelter area and keep away from exterior glass.

Another term you might see that is important to know is Active Harmer: A person actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.

If you would like to receive these alerts to your phone via voice or text message but have not signed up, you can do so by visiting

Fun fact: Signing up for these notifications is also the fastest way to learn if there’s a snow day or campus closure!