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Campus-wide launch: Explore and shape community

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Rebecca Chopp

Community + Values Initiative

Letter  •


What is your role in building the OneDU community you would like for yourself and others? Can you define DU’s values? And are our passions, work and interests guided by those values? The DU community is boldly asking these questions and now is the time for us to work together to begin answering them. 

Join me, and all of DU, to launch our Community + Values initiative—the next phase of DU IMPACT 2025 Transformative Direction Four: OneDU. Over a shared meal, we will come together for a campus-wide lunch to collectively explore and brainstorm what values drive and define our community. 

This is not a presentation or a talk. It’s a hands-on opportunity for us all to shape our community to make DU an even better place for everyone. 

Moreover, the C+V initiative is not simply about how we think and feel; it is 
about our traditions, history, systems, and policies. The results will be both cultural and practical, helping us make decisions and ensuring the way we work is in sync with why we do the work we do.

We need you to be a part of the vision. Everyone’s perspectives, experience and expertise will be deeply valuable to this work.

Friday, April 26
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
RSVP by Friday, April 19th.


Welcome to spring quarter, everyone.


Rebecca Chopp, Chancellor

Hope Errico Wisneski, Event Designer-Facilitator, Chief of Staff/Associate Dean of Operations GSSW 

Lili Rodriguez, Convening Group Member, Vice Chancellor of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence

Bryce Armijo, Undergraduate Student Government President
Mary Sue Brown, Staff Advisory Council President
Garret Glass, Incoming Staff Advisory Council President
Brandon Buzbee, Associate Vice Chancellor of Global Networks 
Michael Fiorini, Graduate Student Government President
Jeremy Haefner, Provost 
Darrin Hicks, Faculty Senate President
Laura Maresca, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and Inclusive Excellence
Bob Willis, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Athletics