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The Denver Difference Campaign Showcases How the University of Denver is Reimagining the Promise of Higher Education

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University of Denver

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The University of Denver is reimagining the promise of higher education and our impact on the Denver community and beyond. On Friday, April 19, DU is launching the public phase of the Denver Difference campaign – a $1 billion effort to establish DU as a new model of how universities can deliver higher learning and contribute to society in the 21st century.

DU’s dedication to improving lives extends beyond our campuses and the city of Denver. Our students and faculty are working daily on interdisciplinary initiatives focusing on mental health, education, policy, international law, sport and human performance, affordable housing, democracy, sustainability, free expression, pluralism, and civil discourse.

The Denver Difference is a $1 billion campaign that is opening opportunities for DU faculty and students to achieve their aspirations. Students bring their ambition to DU and graduate with the skills and ethical mindset to champion a better tomorrow. Likewise, faculty pursue their passion to unlock human potential – in their classrooms, their programs, and their research. The public launch celebrates the impact of this campaign, one that is more than halfway towards its goal. The Denver Advantage – encompassing three buildings at the heart of campus and at the center of student experience – and the Kennedy Mountain Campus represent some of the successful outcomes of the Denver Difference campaign.

 “We’re redefining the promise of higher education,” says DU Chancellor Jeremy Haefner. “We are preparing a new kind of leader and thinker for what's ahead, so they can solve problems and create knowledge that directly improves the human condition. This is what DU can do. We can help our students rise to the toughest challenges we face together.”

The Denver Difference will expand scholarship opportunities for students to help realize their dreams and goals. It means every student grows intellectually, expanding their curiosity and creativity, as well as their experience and expertise. They discover meaningful career paths and lives of purpose. They explore who they are, building character and practicing the kind of reflective thinking that deepens learning. And they embrace all aspects of well-being to thrive physically, emotionally, and financially. That's the promise of DU’s 4D Experience.

“Scholarship philanthropy closes the gap between ambition, merit, and equitable access,” says Val Otten, DU’s senior vice chancellor of Advancement. “Our ability to open doors for the next generation of difference-makers makes the full promise of DU’s 4D Experience a reality for all students – grounding them as well-rounded, resilient, and resourceful adults capable of rising to life’s most daunting challenges.”

The public launch of the Denver Difference will take place on Friday, April 19, from 4-7 p.m. at Magness Arena. The immersive event is open to the Denver community. The launch celebration will feature special performances and interactive experiences, brought to you by the people, places and programs that exemplify what higher education should be.