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DU Clubs 101

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Alyssa Hurst

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DU Clubs

“Joining a club is like getting an immediate family on campus,” says Matt Walter, president of the University of Denver’s Undergraduate Student Government. “It’s a really easy way to find a bunch of people who are passionate or interested in something you’re also interested in.”

For DU students beginning their very first quarter on campus, joining a club is an immediate entry into a dynamic community of potential friends. This year’s incoming class is set to be the University’s most diverse and there’s equal variety among clubs, whether you want to explore passions like sustainability or debate, create camaraderie in the Greek system, or find a home in groups like the Black Student Alliance or the Student Veteran Association.

Walter recommends kicking off your search at this year’s Involvement Fair. His advice: Sign up for every club email list that sounds even remotely interesting and see what new passions might bubble to the surface.

Most importantly though, Walter says, “There’s a pocket for everyone. Everyone can find their place and their people. Everyone can find a place where they really feel like they belong.”

The DU Newsroom compiled a list of some of the campus’ most popular clubs, but the list goes on, and creating a new club is easier than ever.

If you like the great outdoors …

For a taste of all the DU Alpine Club has to offer, take a peek at the club’s spring 2019 lineup: skiing, white-water rafting, hiking in Moab, wilderness first aid. For members all the way from interested to expert, the club provides opportunities to learn, explore and experience Colorado’s robust outdoor offerings. With more than 350 members, the Alpine Club is dedicated to bringing mountain biking, ice climbing, snowshoeing, horseback riding and more to students of all ability levels at affordable prices.

Also try: The University of Denver Backpacking Club

If you love gathering around the game board …

Starting at 7 p.m. on Fridays, the DU Dungeons and Dragons club takes over the engineering and computer science building to dive into the beloved fantasy world of the iconic game. Providing snacks and good company, the club is one of the biggest on campus and promises “adventure without judgment.” Don’t worry if you’ve never played before — the game caters to players with and without D&D experience.

Also try: Board Game Club

If you’re looking to sharpen your cooking skills …

If you didn’t tailgate, did you really even go to college? The DU Grilling Society has mastered the art of mixing grilled food with school spirit, and it provides free deliciously charred delights (vegetarian options included) to the larger DU community. The club caters to Greek life, other student organizations and DU institutions in an effort to create a more vibrant, welcoming and well-fed campus, while indulging in some “outdoor culinary education.”

Also try: The Foodie Club

If you want to give back …

In 2012, three student clubs dedicated to the public good came together and formed DU Service and Change. Today, the club facilitates positive change on campus and beyond through six committees. Members undertake both long- and short-term projects, provide fundraising support, build awareness and engage campus. During the last academic year, the club rallied more than 640 volunteers to complete 1,614 hours of service across 23 projects.

Also try: Public Achievement

If you’re a social butterfly …

Whether it’s a concert on Carnegie Green or a proud DU tradition like Winter Carnival, campus social events can usually be traced back to the DU Programming Board. Just this spring, the organization brought The Tonics, Mick Jenkins and Electric Guest to campus for MusicFest. It also created a weeklong breakfast extravaganza appropriately called Breakfast Club, complete with a variety of early morning food options for students. Its goal: bringing inclusive entertainment to all undergrads.

Also try: Social Dance Society

If you’re a doctor-in-training …

The DU EMS club is a recent addition to the University’s growing roster of clubs. It’s designed to give those interested in health-care careers the opportunity to get some hands-on training while building community. The club facilitates such trainings as CPR and Control the Bleed, and it also gives certified EMTs the opportunity to work alongside Campus Safety, responding to real medical calls. In addition, EMS club members staff DU’s Safewalk program, which helps get students home safely.

Also try: Pre-health Club


For a full list of DU’s many clubs, visit Crimson Connect, our official campus community platform.

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