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DU IMPACT 2025 Fall Update

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Jeremy Haefner

Speech  •

Members of the DU Community,

DU IMPACT 2025 is incredibly ambitious. And transformative. And its very existence is owed to the vision of this community. Because DU IMPACT 2025 was built in collaboration, it is able to capture the incredible breadth and depth of the future we aim to build together. It all began with our community’s input and ideas, and it represents us—how bold we are, how innovative and dauntless. DUIMPACT 2025, in itself, is a model of the spirit of OneDU.

As an academic community, we understand how nuanced and challenging concepts like “community” and “belonging” can be. The Community + Values initiative, a significant project to come out of the Transformative Direction 4: OneDU, is taking on the Herculean but absolutely vital work of digging into who we are as a DU community, what we value, and how we experience and encourage belonging. But our OneDU work doesn’t stop there. From our beloved One Book program, to our current projects in HRIC, to a richer set of Homecoming programs, and the thousands of solar panels going up on our buildings, we are coming together as OneDU and turning our goals into our achievements.

I am so grateful to be a part of this process. I am so grateful for the work and passion of this community. Please, enjoy this update on our progress within DU IMPACT 2025’s Transformative Direction Four: OneDU.


Jeremy Haefner