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DU policies and support for undocumented community members

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Rebecca Chopp

Letter  •

Dear DU community members, 

In light of the news of potential Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids across major U.S. cities, I want to assure the entire community that the University of Denver is committed to the protection and support of all who work and study here —not least because diversity and inclusion are core values of this institution. 

Most importantly, I want to state clearly that the University of Denver, in compliance with all applicable and appropriate laws, will not cooperate with immigration actions unless ordered by a court or similar process. In addition, DU will not share student records, including confirmation of whether or not someone is a student at this institution. This policy reflects the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which prohibits disclosing records without the student’s consent or a lawfully-issued subpoena. Similarly, DU will not share information concerning its employees without the employee’s consent or a subpoena. 

In the unlikely event that you’re contacted by a law enforcement or ICE official regarding the status of another employee or student, please refer the inquirer to the Office of Campus Safety or the Office of General Counsel. 

While we have no reason to believe the DU community will be a target of potential raids by ICE, in support of our community members who may be undocumented, or those who may have undocumented family members, I want to share with you our policies, which are built to protect all our community members as best as possible. I will also share resources for direct support.

I believe wholeheartedly that this community deeply benefits from the perspectives, experiences, skills, and presence of students, staff, and faculty members from all backgrounds. Each of us contributes something vital and valuable to this institution and to our communities. For many across the country, this moment in our national history is painful and frightening. I encourage all of us to reach out to our friends and colleagues who may feel anxiety during this time and offer our love and support. And thank you to those working every day to keep all of us safe so that we may thrive and, together, realize the highest mission of this University. 


Rebecca Chopp

In addition to the above policies: 

  • DU does not and will not voluntarily share student information with immigration enforcement officials. We fully comply with all Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations.
  • DU will not voluntarily grant access to University property to immigration officials for enforcement, investigative or similar purposes. Any request by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for information or access should be forwarded immediately to the Office of the General Counsel and the Office of Campus Safety. If the University becomes aware of such efforts, we will notify and coordinate within our community in a timely manner as appropriate.  
  • DU Campus Safety never has and will not assist ICE, CBP, USCIS or Denver Police Department in efforts to identify and deport undocumented community members.
  • DU Campus Safety never has and will not ask or otherwise ascertain the immigration status or religious affiliation of our students. 
  • DU will continue to admit students consistent with its nondiscrimination policy. 
  • DU does not make housing decisions based on immigration status.
  • DU will continue to connect impacted members of our community with available local, regional, and national support resources. 
  • DU will not cooperate voluntarily with any federal effort to create a registry of individuals based on protected characteristics such as religion, national origin, race or sexual orientations, unless legal consequences would force us to reconsider. 
  • DU will continue to advocate for the continuation of the policies of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
    DU will continue to support ICE’s treatment of college and university campuses as “sensitive locations,” where enforcement actions are prohibited.
  • DU will look for ways to expand our support for all students, including those who are undocumented. 

There are several ways to connect with support resources:

  • Complete a CareReport
  • Speak to a trusted staff or faculty member
  • Connect with the following confidential resources:In addition, for DU employees and their immediate family members, we have a new employee assistance program, SupportLinc. Through supportSupportLinc, DU employees and their family members can access counseling and receive professional referrals to other experts. Call  1-888-881-LINC [5462], or log in to the SupportLinc website with usernameuniversityofdenver.