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#DUYourPart: Student Requirements This Fall

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Jeremy Haefner

A Message to Faculty and Staff regarding the #DUYourPart message sent to all students

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Dear faculty and staff,

We are wholly committed to providing our students with a meaningful hybrid curricular and co-curricular experience that includes living on campus and in nearby University-run housing. A critical part of our plan is #DUYourPart, a campaign that provides clear guidelines for healthy and safe behaviors on and off campus, including the requirement that our students agree to comply with state, local and University guidelines.

Today, we shared the following message with students and families. While we hope our students will act in the best interest of the public good, we have made it clear that non-compliance with DU policies may result in temporary or permanent removal from DU, including housing and other buildings, and other interventions. Of course, we also expect faculty and staff to adhere to our guidelines, as well as state and local ordinances.

As we prepare for the fall quarter, please remember to complete the Pathway Back to Campus online course, which is required of all members of our community.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Sarah Watamura, DU’s COVID coordinator at

Thank you for all you are doing to ensure a successful fall term.


Jeremy Haefner

DU Students Message about COVID | University of Denver (2020)


At the University of Denver, we engage in the public good by:

  • Looking out for each other; 
  • Respecting each other;
  • Demonstrating responsibility and integrity in our actions; and 
  • Protecting ourselves, others, and our DU and surrounding communities together 


August 27, 2020

Dear Students,

As the pandemic impacts our friends, families, and the world, we must work to protect the health and safety of our campus and the surrounding communities. We understand that this new way of living, learning, and engaging is not what you had hoped or envisioned for your higher education experience. Your strength of character and resilience have been profound in navigating this time of disappointment, challenges, and fear.

We are all witnessing the struggles of campuses across the nation because students are intentionally choosing to disregard university requirements and federal, state, and local public health guidelines. We will not tolerate this behavior at DU.

The University of Denver (DU) has invested considerable time, energy, and resources to develop a plan to protect the health, safety, and well-being of every member of our community.  We are committed to providing you with a meaningful hybrid curricular and co-curricular experience. To learn about all the ways you can be involved virtually and on campus, please visit the following links: 

During this critical time, we are calling you to action. What will you DU?

We must all follow federal, state, and local public health guidelines, as well as DU’s requirements for conduct. To reduce the risk of community spread of COVID-19, all students must commit to the following requirements both on and off campus: 

  • Follow all DU Honor Code policies and procedures.
  • Complete the Pathway Back To Campus online course before Thursday, September 10.
  • Follow DU’s Protocols for social distancing, face coverings, testing, contact tracing and, if applicable, isolation and quarantine.
  • Remain in the Denver area as much as possible and, when traveling, comply with all DU travel guidance and state of Colorado travel restrictions. You are not permitted to travel to "hot-spot" states. If you must visit these states, you must isolate for 10 days upon your return before you will be allowed back on campus.
  • Keep your contact information updated in PioneerWeb.
  • Participate in frequent, routine COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, as directed by the University, and undertake daily symptom monitoring using the assigned app (coming soon) or via the website.
  • Share complete and truthful information if you test positive, including information on who may have been exposed.
  • Practice good hygiene, including thorough and frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer, especially after entering a building, using the restroom, and before meals.
  • Adhere to the requirements set forth in the Guide to Residence Living if you are a student living in University-owned-or-operated residential communities.
  • Make safe and responsible choices when gathering and attending events. Your behavior on and off campus impacts your health and wellbeing as well as those at DU and the surrounding community.
    • Follow the state, local, and University guidance for limitations on the number of people at gatherings.
    • Follow University protocols. Additional information can be found at Gatherings, Events, and Activities.
    • Individuals organizing, hosting, or attending an event, party, activity, or gathering where attendees are not required or intentionally fail or refuse to adhere to the DU’s Honor Code and COVID-19 policies, procedures, and protocols—or state and local public health laws, regulations or orders, including but not limited to, social distancing and wearing a face covering—are subject to swift disciplinary action, including those noted below. Neighbors may also call the Denver Police Department to address violations of public health laws, regulations, or orders.

If you cannot make this commitment, you have the choice to continue with a remote experience, and we ask that you not return to the DU campus this term.

DU will take disciplinary action if needed.

Due to the potentially severe public health effects of noncompliance, students who intentionally disregard any of the above requirements represent a threat to the health and safety of the community.

The University will take immediate action to address this intentional behavior, including pursuing interim suspension and/or trespass from campus, as well as referral to Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR). Students who do not comply may face disciplinary action for honor code violations including endangerment (substantial risk), violation of the law, and/or violation of other University policies. If found responsible, the range of outcomes may include possible temporary and permanent removal from DU, temporary or permanent removal from housing, building access restrictions, training, and other interventions.

Student clubs and organizations who do not follow these requirements, including the Gathering, Events and Activities Protocols, will be referred to SRR and the incident(s) will be processed through the Student Organization Policy and Procedures and are subject to the same kinds of outcomes. Additional outcomes may include restrictions, training requirements, and other interventions.

Since we expect all of our community members to follow the COVID-19 policies, procedures, and protocols, students may email to share any compliance concerns for faculty and staff. For more information regarding compliance and enforcement for the entire DU community please visit COVID-19 Compliance & Enforcement Protocol.

So what will you DU?

We believe in you, we care about you, and we are here for you. We expect that you will follow these requirements to #DUYourPart to protect yourself, protect others, and protect DU and our surrounding community. 

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Dr. Niki Latino
Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Ryan Hyde,
USG President

Melissa Levy,
GSG President