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#DUYourPart This Weekend

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Jeremy Haefner

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Dear Students,

I can't begin to express how much we are looking forward to your return to campus next week. As you know, we have been working hard to create a safe, healthy and vibrant student experience -- a goal I know we all share.

To that end, I want to be very clear that DU has zero tolerance for those who don't respect our health and safety protocols that protect our friends, colleagues and neighbors. This time has been difficult for all of us, and not being able to live “life as normal” is not easy. But our individual actions and choices either protect lives or endanger them.

We're already hearing about off campus parties and have been told to "expect" them this weekend. I want to be very clear that any intentional disregard of COVID-19 policies, procedures, and protocols constitutes a significant threat to the health and safety of the DU and surrounding communities. In response, we will take swift action, including immediate restriction from campus, possibly for the entire quarter, for the host and attendees at these parties. In addition, we will immediately activate Student Rights & Responsibilities, and if found responsible, students could face suspension or dismissal from the University.

I hate to start a holiday weekend on such a somber note, but I don't want there to be any surprises when we take swift action against those who don't comply. The stakes are simply too high right now to put our community and our neighbors at risk unnecessarily.

I am asking you to #DUYourPart to help us stay in-person and to not jeopardize your community’s health or ability to have a residential college experience.

I truly hope you can enjoy the weekend and don't feel you have to be at a party to do so.


Jeremy Haefner