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Madeline Phipps

First-year seminar students engage in collaborative art project

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Students in Laleh Mehran’s “Moving Pixels: Making Visual Culture” first-year seminar (FSEM) course engaged in a collaborative art project last week, captured in the time-lapse video above. Mehran, who is professor and graduate director of Emergent Digital Practices, says that throughout the quarter, students will learn visual literacy fundamentals and hands-on digital media production ranging from still images to video.

“I plan to teach students how to make a shift from being dominantly a cultural consumer to also becoming a cultural producer,” Mehran explains. She says she wanted to allow students to experience the process of making during their first week with a hands-on project.

In addition to merely producing the work, Mehran observed the students’ creative process. “There were many styles they could have used to hang the post-its,” she says. “One student was keen on the roof-tile shingles method, and after he explained it to his peers, they went with that.”

The students were only given an hour and a half to finish the project. “They were surprised and excited that they were able to accomplish it,” says Mehran.