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Faculty and Staff Grants From December 2021

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Lorne Fultonberg


Lorne Fultonberg


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Congratulations to the following faculty and staff members who received grants and awards in December 2021:

Whitney LeBoeuf

Whitney LeBoeuf, director of data integration and analytics and acting LINC director at the Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab

  • Grant from the University of Colorado Denver, subaward from the Colorado Department of Education for "Early Childhood Workforce Data Phase III"
  • Project abstract: The goal of this subcontract is to supplement an existing data linkage project with data from the Colorado Department of Education to examine the unique work and post-secondary experiences of early care and education professionals employed in public education settings.
  • Grant from the Colorado Department of Human Services for "Develop application for early childhood stabilization grants"
  • Project abstract: The Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab will provide research and evaluation expertise to the Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Early Childhood leadership overseeing the launch of stimulus funded stabilization grants for early care and education programs in Colorado.
Lena Lundgren

Lena Lundgrenprofessor at the Graduate School of Social Work and executive director of the Cross-National Behavioral Health Laboratory

  • Grant from Casa Esperanza, subaward from SAMHSA, for "CasaCare-OBOT: Office-Based Opioid Treatment for Latinos with Co-Occurring Disorders"
  • Grant from Casa Esperanza, subaward from SAMHSA, for "Casa Esperanza Community Mental Health Centers Program"
  • Project abstracts: This project will provide program evaluation services for SAMHSA-funded projects in collaboration, and through a sub-contract, with the Heller School at Brandeis under the leadership of Dr. Mary Jo Larson. The primary focus of this work is an outcomes evaluation to ensure the efficacy of treatment services and ensure compliance with SAMHSA requirements. The secondary focus of this work is process evaluation to ensure the efficiency and continuous quality improvement of services.
Mike Hoa Nguyen

Mike Hoa Nguyen, assistant professor in the Department of Education at the Morgridge College of Education

  • Grant from the Kresege Foundation for "The Minority-Serving Institutions Data Project"
  • Project abstract: This project will evaluate the current problem with the state of how Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) are constructed and understood. MSIs are unique in their ability to support the educational advancement of students of color. Given their outsized role in educating students of color, there is growing interest among institutional leaders, researchers and policymakers in understanding, assessing and enhancing MSIs and the federal programs that support them.
Cullen Hendrix

Cullen Hendrix, professor at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, and director of the Sié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security & Diplomacy

  • Grant from Hiroshima University for "Cross Appointment with Hiroshima University"
  • Project abstract: Are climate change and declining productivity of fisheries likely to lead to a future of fish wars, or can existing fisheries' management institutions evolve to help prevent large-scale fisheries conflict? While a future of fish wars is one potential path, there are other, more peaceful possibilities. Certain mechanisms could close some of the pathways leading to fisheries conflict. In doing so, we will not just expand our understanding of the peace-sustainability nexus. We will also help productively manage resources that are key to the Japanese economy and national security, and are also a crucial source of food and livelihood for millions the world over.
Meredith Silverstein

Meredith Silversteinsenior research associate at the Butler Institute for Families at the Graduate School of Social Work

  • Grant from SummitStone Health Partners, subaward from SAMHSA, for "Community Mental Health Centers Grant Program Evaluation"
  • Project abstract: This program will enable community mental health centers to support and restore the delivery of clinical services that were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and effectively address the needs of individuals with serious emotional disturbance (SED), serious mental illness (SMI), and individuals with SMI or SED and substance use disorders, referred to as co-occurring disorder. Butler will support SummitStone Health Partners to conduct the program evaluation.
Shaina Riciputi
Ashley Brock-Baca

Meredith Silversteinsenior research associate; Ashley Brock-Baca, senior research associate; Kali Jefferson, research associate; Shaina Riciputi, research associate; and Kyana Bell, research associate, at the Butler Institute for Families at the Graduate School of Social Work


Kyana Bell
  • Grant from the North Colorado Health Alliance, subaward from SAMHSA for "Colorado Opioid Synergy-Larimer and Weld (CO-SLAW): Medication Assisted Treatment of Prescription Drug and Opioid Addiction"
  • Butler will support the data collection and evaluation for this project, which will expand/enhance access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services for persons with an opioid use disorder (OUD) seeking or receiving MAT via SAMHSA. The desired outcomes for this program are (1) an increase in the number of individuals with OUD receiving MAT and (2) a decrease in illicit opioid drug use and prescription opioid misuse at six-month follow-up.

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