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Faculty and Staff Grants From February 2022

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Nika Anschuetz





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Congratulations to the following faculty and staff members who received grants and awards in February 2022:

Sanchari Das, assistant professor in the Felix Daniel Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science.

  • Sanchari Das
    Grant from Cisco Systems for "Investigating Security And Privacy Issues in Telehealth Delivery Among Private Practice Allied Healthcare Providers"
  • Project abstract: Telehealth offerings exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic as an alternative method for remote health services, and adoption is forecast to grow. However, it is currently unknown how healthcare providers, specifically allied healthcare providers, have adapted their workflows to this new norm which may have caused them to intentionally or unknowingly overlook critical aspects of security and privacy associated with telehealth. Towards this, we propose to pursue multiple human-centered research activities that will inform the development of secure and effective telehealth technologies for resource-constrained healthcare facilities.


Aisha Ahmad Post

Aisha Ahmad-Post, executive director of the Robert and Judi Newman Center for Performing Arts.

  • Grant from National Endowment for the Arts for "Dance GAP Grant" 
  • Project abstract: Newman Center for the Performing Arts is the leading dance presenter in the Denver area. This season will reframe the narrative of American ballet through a racial and geographic lens while celebrating exclusively living choreographers
  • Grant from Colorado Office of Economic Development and Int'l. for "Colorado Creative Industries (CCI) - Colorado Arts Relief Fund"
  • Project abstract: The Colorado Arts Relief Fund for Organizations and Businesses provides general operating support to arts, culture, and entertainment organizations and businesses. The program's purpose is to support a resilient post-pandemic economy. Funds are targeted to help avoid permanent arts, culture, and entertainment business closures, retain or rehire jobs, and preserve community cultural assets affected by the COVID-19 public health emergency.
Katy Barrs

Katy Barrs, clinic director at the Sturm Center.

  • Grant from Caring for Denver Foundation for "The Strengthening Bridges of Care Project: Promoting Culturally Competent and Developmentally Targeted: Services for Military Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families"
  • Project abstract: Independently operated. the Sturm Center and CUB Clinic see a need to integrate services, training, and outreach across populations served. Strengthening Bridges of Care is timely due to negative impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic, events in Afghanistan, and overall unrest negatively affecting our clients.


Ramona Beltran

Ramona Beltran, associate professor at the Graduate School of Social Work.

  • Grant from Colorado State University for "The Suncor Refinery: A Comprehensive, Community Directed Health and Environmental Evaluation" 
  • Project abstract: Utilizing community based participatory research (CBPR) methods, our team will conduct a comprehensive social science assessment of Suncor's presence in the community. We will conduct at least 40 in-depth interviews focusing on individual, household, and community-level environmental justice and health impacts of Suncor's operations.
Ashley Brock-Baca
Ashley Brock-Baca
Charmaine Brittain
Charmaine Brittain

Charmaine Brittain, director, practices innovation at the Butler Institute for Families and Ashley Brock-Baca, senior research associate at the Butler Institute for Families. 

    • Grant from Rock County Human Services for "Rock County Child Welfare Case Review Project" 
    • Project abstract: In coordination with Rock County, Butler will develop and implement a case review protocol to review a stratified sample of child welfare cases in order to assess compliance with county and state policies and best practices in the child welfare field.
    Elysia Clemens

    Elysia Clemens, deputy director of Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab.

    • Grant from Colorado Department of Human Services for  "Health Regional Strategies for the Family First Service Continuum"
    • Project abstract: The goal of this scope of work is to support CDHS and CHSDA in facilitating regional conversations and strategies for expanding Family First-eligible prevention services that are matched to local needs.


    Courtney Everson, project director at Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab.

    Courtney Everson
    • Grant from Colorado Department of Human Services for "PDG Case Study Evaluation Dissemination & Mobilization" 
    • Project abstract: The Colorado Evaluation & Action Lab conducted a pilot case study to connect home visiting agencies with local home child care providers with two primary deliverables: (1) Evaluation Brief on partnership experience; and (2) Outreach video on partnership experience.


    Kathryn Fox

    Kathryn Fox, associate professor in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. 

    • Grant from Mental Research Institute for "Helping Parents Navigate Child Suicide Risk"
    • Project abstract: Our project aims to leverage parents' lived experience, the latest technology, and existing evidence-based treatment and research to improve suicide risk detection and subsequent intervention. The goal of this work is to mitigate child suicide risk in the short-term whilst simultaneously building strong and trusting relationships between parents and their children in the long term.
    Ashley Brock-Baca
    Ashley Brock-Baca
    Amy Roberts
    Amy Roberts

    Amy Roberts, director of early childhood initiatives of the Butler Institute for Families, and Ashley Brock-Baca, senior research associate of the Butler Institute for Families. 

    • Grant from Johns Hopkins University for "Early Childhood Education Workforce Well-being - University Partnerships"
    • Project abstract: The goal of project is to develop the knowledge base regarding factors associated with Head Start (HS)/Early Head Start (EHS) workforce well-being and to complete rigorous evaluations of approaches expected to improve HS and/or EHS workforce well-being.