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Faculty and Staff Grants from November 2023

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Congratulations to the faculty and staff members who received grants and awards for the following projects in November 2023:

Youth and Family TREE

  • Ashley Brock-Baca and Meredith Silverstein, Graduate School of Social Work
  • Grant from Mission Possible
  • Abstract: This grant primarily funds clinical work at St. Joseph Hospital. DU is focused on developing closed-loop, deep brain stimulation (DBS) techniques, which might ultimately give human DBS recipients better clinical outcomes and fewer side effects.

Colorado Coalition for Prevention and Action Against Financial Exploitation of Older Adults

  • Eric Steven Chess, Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging
  • Grant from Lifespan of Greater Rochester (subaward United States Department of Justice)
  • Abstract: To support the current collaborative to expand beyond the Denver area to include all key stakeholders and leaders in the field across the state of Colorado. Some of this includes: reducing the number of older adults who are exploited financially, reforming the education model to outsmart exploiters and better prepare older Coloradans, and more.

2024 Direct Services for Survivors of Torture (SOT) Program in Denver

Grow Your Own Initiative: Pathway for the Preparation of Teachers of Color for Urban Schools

  • María Salazar and Michelle Knight-Manuel, Morgridge College of Education
  • Grant from I.A. O'Shaughnessy Foundation
  • Abstract: The Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver will create a Grow-Your-Own (GYO) Teacher Initiative that provides a pathway into teaching for Denver Public Schools (DPS) high school students. The objective is to build on best practices in residency programming to provide first-generation (FirstGen) and Students of Color in DPS Title I schools with a pathway to becoming equitable and excellent teachers.

Colorado Wages and Outcomes Results Coalition

I Matter Evaluation

  • Meredith Silverstein, Graduate School of Social Work
  • Grant from Signal Behavioral Health Network
  • Abstract: Butler will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the I Matter program using a phased approach that provides Signal and its community partners with a deeper understanding of I Matter’s implementation and impact. This framework will allow us to paint the full picture of I Matter’s impact on clients and providers.

HQPT Task Force: Informing Best Practice Recommendations

  • Courtney Everson, Colorado Evaluation Action Lab
  • Grant from the Office of Respondent Parents' Counsel
  • Abstract: The Colorado Lab will perform a (a) landscape analysis of strengths in current parenting time practices across Colorado; (b) descriptive analysis of frequency, type, and distribution of professionally supervised visits in Colorado; and (c) literature review on parenting time practices that drive positive outcomes for children, youth, and families. Together, this information will be used to inform development of best practices standards to promote high-quality parenting time in Colorado, alongside needed legislative changes to ensure all Colorado counties are working towards identified best practices.

Provision of a Shortlist Risks and Perform a Scenario Development Exercise

  • Jonathan Moyer, Josef Korbel School of International Study
  • Abstract: This project will conduct a Global Risk Report including strategic foresight approaches to the common list to produce a short list which will provide the basis for the development and launch of a multi-stakeholder perception survey that would rank these risks according to likelihood, impact, and their interactions, and rate the preparedness of the multilateral system to respond to them. Additionally, it will perform a scenario development exercise of three (3) future scenarios for 2050 once the survey is conducted and analyzed.

Equity-Centered Principal Initiative

  • Jayson Richardson, Morgridge College of Education
  • Abstract: The ECPI is designed to develop comprehensive, aligned principal pipelines to improve student achievement. Through mentoring the university and the school district, we co-designed a comprehensive, aligned, equity-centered pipeline that translates the district’s vision into reality, provides mentoring and training for current principals and assistant principals, and engages in continuous improvement.

HVAC Training and Assessment

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