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Flex day for staff & political activity guidelines for election season

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Mary Clark

Jeremy Haefner

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Dear faculty and staff,

This 2020 election season is in full swing, and the days between now and November 3 will continue to challenge our ability to relax or make time for all of the things we find most important. We thank the Faculty Senate for its resolution, passed on October 9, which proposed that DU give all staff at least three hours of paid time off on Election Day to facilitate voting and other ways we might participate in the democratic process.

Staff Flex Day Off for Election Season

We're pleased to expand the senate's recommendation by offering every DU staff member a full flex day off to be taken any day up to and including November 3. Please consult with your supervisor to determine the best time to take this day. We hope this will give you some much-needed time to recharge or connect. Also, we know many of you are volunteering to help others during this election season, and we hope this flex time is helpful for that as well.

Whatever way you choose to spend it, please do take advantage of this time away from work.

Free Speech & Political Activity Guidelines

Also, between now and Election Day please remember that the University of Denver's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion includes the right to hold differing political beliefs. We respect the right, and admire the bravery, of our community members to disagree and to defend their opinions in a courteous and civil manner, as occurs in the classroom all year long.  

Most notably, faculty research or commentary on political issues is appropriate, welcomed and encouraged. However, just as the electoral process allows us many freedoms, there are a few rules we must follow: 

  • As a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity, the University of Denver cannot and will not attempt to steer anyone to support a particular candidate or political party, nor how to vote on a ballot question or measure;
  • No one’s political activity should conflict with the duties or obligations they have with the University; 
  • No member of faculty or staff is permitted to use University resources or platforms, such as clerical assistance, office space, email accounts, computers, or telephones to campaign for a candidate or issue; and
  • Actions of any individual should not be construed as being the official position of the University. 

As momentum builds toward November 3, please continue to take care of yourselves and one another.


Jeremy Haefner

Mary Clark
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Jerron Lowe
Interim Vice Chancellor for Human Resources