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Important Campus Safety Update

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Jeremy Haefner

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Dear DU Community,


As we prepare to enthusiastically welcome many of our community members back to campus, we also need to share some important news about a disturbing uptick in gun violence adjacent to campus and the steps we are taking, in partnership with the Denver Police Department (DPD), to further protect our campus and surrounding neighborhood.

As you know, we have sent two emergency alerts (also known as RAVE alerts) in the last few weeks about gun violence occurring near campus. The health, well-being and safety of our community is our number one priority, and although this violent behavior has occurred off campus, it has happened more than once, and in areas that are close to campus and frequented by DU community members.

In response, DU’s leadership team has authorized the temporary addition of two off-duty Denver Police Department officers to patrol the areas adjacent to campus and provide greater security. These officers will patrol the area immediately surrounding DU’s campus during the hours that have proven most problematic - overnight weekend hours. Unrelated to these recent incidents, we have also experienced increased ridership at the light rail stop on days when the Broncos play at home. We will provide additional security coverage for those times as well. This additional coverage, in collaboration with our own Campus Safety team, will help us actively monitor and mitigate potential safety issues during these crucial time periods.

Importantly, while we are actively working to create a safer environment through these temporary, additional patrols, we will respect all members of the DU community, as well as our neighbors and guests. We are working to maintain a safe environment in which each individual feels protected and respected. The off-duty officers have been in close contact with Campus Safety to integrate into DU’s culture of care.

We also continue to collaborate with the Denver Police Department on their ongoing investigation into these troubling episodes and are partnering with DPD to explore other steps we might take to help put a stop to this as we enter the new academic year.

If you are around campus this coming weekend, you may see the off-duty officers in and around the area. If you see or hear anything suspicious or concerning, please continue to alert Campus Safety by calling 303-871-3000 or dial 911. If an officer is readily available nearby, you may also flag them down for assistance. Finally, the blue light phones are directly connected to Campus Safety and can be used 24/7 to immediately reach a member of our dispatch team.

I am hopeful that this temporary action will help to keep all who live and work at DU safe. Should you have any questions about the additional safety patrols, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.




Michael Bunker

Director of Campus Safety