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Liniger Center on Franchising will be a New Resource for Business Community

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Sarah Satterwhite

Senior Editor, Strategic Content and Storytelling

Founders of RE/MAX give $3 million to advance franchising education

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Dave and Gail Liniger

Dave and Gail Liniger have been helping others find success in business for 50 years, and their legacy will expand dramatically through a new center at the University of Denver. The Linigers’ recent $3 million gift to DU has established the Liniger Center on Franchising at the Daniels College of Business.

When co-founding RE/MAX in Denver in 1973, the Linigers created an industry-changing business model that gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to build their own success. Their longstanding dedication to helping entrepreneurs created a global real estate powerhouse and empowered hundreds of thousands of businesspeople to thrive. Today, the multi-brand RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. is one of the world’s leading franchisors, demonstrating the Linigers’ enduring impact as pioneers of the franchise model.

The first of its kind west of the Mississippi River, the Liniger Center on Franchising will offer guidance, support and resources to both franchisors and franchisees through education, networking and thought leadership. In providing educational opportunities for those involved in franchising, the center will echo the Linigers’ commitment to lifelong learning.

“The University of Denver is immensely grateful for Dave and Gail Liniger’s visionary generosity in establishing the Liniger Center on Franchising,” said Chancellor Jeremy Haefner. “Their commitment to helping other entrepreneurs succeed through franchising is extraordinary, and we are excited for all the ways that this partnership will benefit students, faculty and the business community.”

A Resource for Franchise Professionals

Courses at the Liniger Center will cover emerging issues and topics of interest to those involved in franchising, including business models, financial analyses, real estate, ethical decision-making and conflict resolution. The center will also conduct research led by faculty across disciplines on topics relevant to franchising. As the center becomes a highly regarded thought leader, it will serve as a hub of learning and networking for existing franchisors and franchisees, those who want to franchise their business, and students and community members who hope to pursue a career in franchising.

“We’ve spent 50 years seeing amazing things happen when entrepreneurs come together, share their experiences, and support each other. The center will be a hub of learning and growing in that same spirit,” said Dave Liniger. “We’re thrilled to help new generations discover the incredible value of franchising and the power of joining forces with like-minded professionals. With the right concept, values and people, anything is possible. The sky’s the limit.”

Leadership of the Center

Adam Contos (EMBA ‘17) helped facilitate the Linigers’ investment to launch the center, and he will chair the center’s advisory board. The former CEO of RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. and a partner with the Linigers in their latest endeavor – Area 15 Ventures – Contos will also teach at the Daniels College of Business this fall as an adjunct faculty member.

“In working with Dave, Gail, and DU on this initiative, I have the great opportunity to pursue my lifelong dream of contributing to franchising education,” said Contos.

“The Liniger Center on Franchising will offer guidance, support and resources to both franchisors and franchisees across industries,” said Vivek Choudhury, dean of Daniels College of Business. “It will provide education and networking opportunities to support the growth in franchising that we expect to see in Colorado in the coming years. We are so thankful to Dave and Gail Liniger, true visionaries in the franchise space, for this generous gift. We are honored to have the Liniger name associated with the center and the University of Denver.”

Time-Tested Franchising Pioneers

In RE/MAX Holdings, Inc., the parent company of two franchise brands – RE/MAX and Motto Mortgage – the Linigers built one of the premier franchising operations in the world. Their dedication to educating entrepreneurs is evident in their business model, with each franchisee and employee having a vested interest in helping others.

Together, the Linigers revolutionized both the real estate and the franchising industries. They are both members of the International Franchise Association’s Hall of Fame, and Dave has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, and other leading publications. Gail has helped lead the way the entire time – shaping the organizational culture of collaboration, productivity, gratitude and giving back to the community.

Their investment in the Liniger Center on Franchising at DU will extend their legacy of empowering entrepreneurs to learn, lead and build successful careers.