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MyDU – Make It Yours in June

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University of Denver

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Email highlights

  • DU’s outdated PioneerWeb is being replaced by a new internal portal, MyDU      
  • MyDU will be available campus-wide June 2022      
  • PioneerWeb will no longer be accessible as of September 1, 2022 
  • Staff are invited to attend a MyDU Show & Tell on April 29

Dear DU community members,

The University of Denver strives to be on the leading edge of academic innovation that prepares students for the rigors and demands of the 21st-century world, while also fully supporting our world-class faculty and staff.

As part of our commitment to innovation and efficiency, DU is proud to announce the campus-wide launch of MyDU, our new internal portal replacing our current portal, PioneerWeb. 

Since 2020, IT, in collaboration with units across campus, has been working to find a new portal solution that meets the needs of all DU constituents and provides a modern tool that will allow our community to find all the resources they need in an intuitive way. Appointed staff have already begun to explore MyDU, and MyDU will launch for the entirety of campus in June 2022.

MyDU will serve as the new online gateway to information and resources for DU students, faculty, and staff. With just a few clicks, MyDU will allow students to check their financial aid status award, allow for online class registration, view progress towards degree, as well as other university services currently offered on PioneerWeb. In continuity with the transfer of PioneerWeb’s online services to MyDU, faculty and staff will also be able to continue their routine workflow and services on MyDU.

“I was able to see most of what I need on the main page which is much easier to navigate,” said an anonymous DU community member who answered our survey. “My DU is WAY better to look at and does not feel so crowded.”

“Overall, I like the modern look and navigation of MyDU,” said another anonymous responder. “I love the layout and how easily accessible things are. It has the feel of a social media platform but for students, faculty, and staff to manage everything. I enjoy that our email is accessible in MyDU.”

As we welcome MyDU, we will be discontinuing PioneerWeb, which will no longer be accessible as of September 1st, 2022. During the June to September timeframe, we hope that the DU community can positively interact and learn about the wonderful features that MyDU has to offer. Please remember to adjust your bookmarks and saved tabs accordingly.

All staff are invited to join IT@DU for a demo of the new MyDU Portal on April 29. The MyDU Portal Show & Tell will allow staff to see all the new features of the portal (and what's coming soon). Feedback is welcome. We'll show you MyDU - you tell us what you think! Please login to MyDU using your DU email and password and complete the required DUO authentication and one time security questions. The Show & Tell will take place from 11 a.m.-noon on Zoom. Please register here.

We will have more information as we get closer to the June launch date. We hope you enjoy making MyDU yours!



Executive Co-Sponsors


Leslie Brunelli

Senior Vice Chancellor for Business and Financial Affairs


Russ Kaurloto

Vice Chancellor of Information Technology