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"Fake News?": The Rise of Misinformation

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RadioEd is a biweekly podcast created by the DU Newsroom that taps into the University of Denver’s deep pool of bright brains to explore new takes on today’s top stories. 

Trust in the news media has been in free fall for years. That's problematic even during the best of times, but it's especially so when consumers and citizens need accurate information to stave off a global pandemic or choose a president. Misinformation has sown seeds of doubt, amplified conspiracy theories and undermined the efforts of public health officials. Kareem El Damanhoury, a professor in the University of Denver's Department of Media, Film and Journalism Studies, discusses the roots of this mass distrust and offers solutions to news organizations and news consumers alike.

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Kareem El Damanhoury

Kareem El Damanhoury is an assistant professor in the Department of Media, Film and Journalism Studies at DU's College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

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