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Remembering 9/11

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Jeremy Haefner

Letter  •

To the DU community,

Today marks the 18th anniversary of a very difficult day for our country. While many years have passed, the effects of the 9/11 terrorist attacks are long-lasting, and the profound loss still weighs heavy in our hearts.

On this day each year, we solemnly reflect on the victims and their loved ones. But we must also reflect on the heroism and bravery we witnessed in the days that followed. Like so many, I remember the tenacity and courage of the first responders facing an unimaginable task. I think of how New York, Washington D.C., Stonycreek, PA,  and the rest of this country came together to comfort and support one another as we mourned. I also think of the men and women in our armed forces—all those who have served from then until now—whose lives became more complex and more filled with danger that day. We are grateful, as ever, for their service.

The scars left behind by tragedy are never forgotten. Let us honor those we lost with fondness and respect.

Jeremy Haefner