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Reputation strategy update for July 2022

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Renea Morris

Renea Morris

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We’re three months further along our reputation strategy journey and much has happened since the last update. In May, we began announcing some of the changes within the brand with a townhall hosted by the Chancellor on May 12. The entire campus community had an opportunity to hear an update on our collective efforts, including our new messaging and visual identity systems complete with a new logo and much more.

In addition to the successful completion of the web overhaul project—a huge milestone for our team and the University, in June, we released the full brand book, complete with enhanced editorial and visual style guides, to campus marketing and communications practitioners, licensees, and stakeholders. In addition to the guides, we also made available the first institutional and college/school level logo kits, creating another celebratory moment of progress for the university.

From highlight reels showcasing how our brand personality shines in video to defined differentiators and supporting proof points for our institution, our refreshed brand foundation is poised to yield limitless opportunities at a time when it could not be more important to achieving the bold initiatives articulated in DU IMPACT 2025 and our Five Strategic Imperatives.

I’m excited to say that the fun is just beginning as staff from MarComm and teams across campus begin a series of opportunities to learn more about the brand, collaborate on ways to bring it to life, and chart directions for the implementation phase of DU’s reputation strategy plan.

While we actively work to increase our visibility externally and build affinity for our offerings, more clearly defined crisis communication protocols and training will help ensure we have the needed tools, resources, and processes in place to actively protect our brand.

We’re building a new brand resource website with additional tools, and templates to ensure that the campus community is equipped and empowered to apply the brand with clarity and consistency. Think: one-stop shop for all things DU brand.

Regular enhancements to the style guides will yield increased value over time. Curious about the Oxford comma? Not sure about the use of the University seal? Wondering how the brand handles special requirements like those in Athletics? Glad you asked. As we answer your questions, we will be able to enrich the content, increase your comfort, and improve our overall effectiveness with the brand. Look for additional resources and enhancements on a rolling basis as we continue moving forward.

Ongoing improvements to DU’s web ecosystem will upgrade the experience our audiences have on all our platforms. Our website is arguably our most valuable marketing and communications tool and is the primary place our audiences go to seek information. Though we completed the web overhaul project, we will continue to focus on improvement. Recently we sent a survey to campus stakeholders to determine optimization priorities, and a working group will develop a road map soon.

I’d like to extend heartfelt appreciation to all our collaborators on all the work to date. We’ve accomplished a lot! If it weren’t for the talent and tenacity of so many individuals over the past two years, we wouldn’t be able to put our best work forward and land on the best outcomes for the University.

I can’t wait to see what’s next and I’m looking forward to working alongside you as we continue the journey together.