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Taking Action: We Will DU Better

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Jeremy Haefner

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Dear members of the DU community, 

I would like to update you on the work we have been doing in response to the harrowing issues raised by the wecanDUbetter students and alumni about how DU responds to gender-based violence and sexual assault.

When I last provided an update I shared just how unimaginable it is that we would allow such appalling stories about sexual assault and abuse to go unanswered. If anything, having now heard more stories like these, I feel even more strongly that we must unite across campus in our commitment against such terrible acts. I have asked the entire senior leadership team and every division on our campus to actively work toward creating a culture where every student, faculty and staff member feels, and is, safe from harm. Together, it is imperative that we create a climate where these acts are universally regarded as abhorrent and wholly unacceptable.

I have met with and now written to the leadership of wecanDUbetter to provide them with a detailed action plan that we developed together. I am sharing that with you now.

I deeply appreciate the willingness of survivors and activists to work in partnership on this issue, and to remain open to continued collaboration and revision. This is just the beginning of our commitment in this area, and I promise you that this will be sustained over time. We can do better. And we will. 


Jeremy Haefner