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Town Hall on Online Education

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University of Denver

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You may have seen an invitation in The Bridge last week to a Town Hall on Online Education I am hosting today, from 1-3 p.m. in Maglione Hall, open to the campus community. I wanted to share some context for today’s event. The “town hall” style of engagement is one that I find beneficial and hope to continue hosting on other topics in the future. (Please feel free to send me topic suggestions.) I have chosen online education as the first topic as it is timely and also, while we have arrived at our current place somewhat organically, we would like to develop strategies for moving forward in this realm. To develop the best strategies, we need your input, ideas, and feedback. The breakout questions we’ll pose today provide an open forum for your thoughts around this topic, centering around student needs, DU’s current status versus where we want to be, necessary resources, and the pros/cons of partnering with an outside vendor versus building our own online programs. We’ll capture your feedback and use it to inform future conversations.

If your schedule allows you to join us today from 1-3 p.m. in Maglione, please consider attending. If you aren’t able to attend, we’ll be sharing the presentation slides, breakout questions, and other resources on the Online Education Committee’s Portfolio page (which you must be logged in to view). Please feel free to send questions or feedback to I look forward to a rich, campus-wide conversation as we move forward in a collaborative and strategic way.


Jeremy Haefner

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor