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University of Denver Launches University Policies Site

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Nika Anschuetz





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The University of Denver has launched a new comprehensive website to share its policies and promote operational efficiency and effectiveness. Complete with a searchable database, the site fulfills a long-time goal of providing a single repository for anyone seeking to ensure their unit is in compliance with DU’s requirements and practices.

Leslie Brunelli, senior vice chancellor for Business and Financial Affairs, spearheaded the effort to create the site, an idea that originated in 2019.

“We have to have a framework of how we operate,” Brunelli says. “This is the best way to do that. We are also ensuring there is more equity involved. There is less chance of one unit doing something one way and another doing it a different way.”

The ability for everyone to see and understand University policies is critical, she says. The previous web presence included some policies but didn’t provide a full representation of them.

The new website also includes information on policy development and an opportunity to offer feedback on drafted and newly approved policies.

Rosalynn Feagins, assistant treasurer for Business and Financial Affairs, says the new feedback function will make the process more efficient.

“Prior to now, we did it the old-fashioned way. We sent emails back and forth. This makes it much more efficient, much more able for people to see it in a comprehensive fashion. We now have a dedicated email to get that feedback,” she says.

The University Policies website is continually migrating policies from the Business and Financial Affairs site. For more information, visit