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The university's approach to P+/P/NP for the 2020-2021 academic year

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University of Denver

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Dear undergraduates,

We know this quarter has been a challenging one, with the ongoing pandemic, racial injustices, and pronounced conflict over the presidential election. With that in mind, and in response to last Thursday’s USG resolution #13 in favor of P+/P/NP grading, we are writing to share the university’s approach to P+/P/NP grading for this academic year and to identify campus resources to support you.

First, in terms of the university’s approach to P+/P/NP grading for this academic year, please note:

For Academic Year 2020-21, DU students have the ability to opt into P+/P/NP grading for one undergraduate course per quarter.

Please note how P+/P/NP are treated in DU’s assignment of credit:

  • Pass Plus (P+) is defined as institutional credit with a grade of C- or higher.
  • Pass (P) is defined as institutional credit with a grade of D+, D, or D-. Please note that, like the D level grade it replaces, a Pass (P) does not count toward major or minor credit. Unlike a D, however, a P does not affect GPA.
  • No Pass (NP) is defined as no institutional credit because the grade is lower than D-. Unlike an F, a No Pass (NP) does not affect GPA.

Any decision by a DU student to opt-in to P+/P/NP grading for an undergraduate course must be communicated to the Registrar’s Office within 72 hours of posting of the final letter grade in that course. The Registrar is working now with our IT experts to develop a new webpage through which you can communicate this choice, which will be ready shortly.

For those undergraduate students wishing to withdraw from a course in the Fall 2020 quarter, we are extending the date for notifying the Registrar’s office of your intent to withdraw from a course through the last day of instruction, specifically, November 20, 2020. Students should consult an academic advisor before withdrawing from a class as there may be academic and financial implications to this action.

As the end of quarter draws near, schedules are packed with studying, writing papers, completing projects and taking exams. This busy time is shared across our community, as everyone wishes to finish on a high note. During this time, stress levels can run particularly high, and the amount of work may seem daunting. For some of you, it may be the first time you have struggled to master the content of a class or meet the high standards you have set for yourself.

Many people are here to help and are committed to your success and wellbeing. Please reach out and utilize the resources and services around you, including those at the Health and Counseling CenterHousing and Residential Education (HRE), Student Outreach & Support, and other campus staff in Student Affairs and Inclusive Excellence who are here for you and can offer guidance and assistance.

Students working with the Disability Support Program (DSP) and/or Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP) should continue to collaborate with those offices to obtain the support you need.

Lastly, students can draw on their academic advisors for support in making decisions related to their curriculum planning, including whether to opt-in to P+/P/NP grading for one undergraduate course per quarter. There will be a set of FAQs on the Registrar’s website that can help support your decision-making process.

We are thankful for the care and support found across the DU community, and we appreciate you looking out for yourselves – and each other – at this time. 

With all best wishes for a good end to the quarter and a well-earned winter break,

Mary L. Clark
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Todd C. Adams
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs