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Update: Campus Safety Alert

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University of Denver

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Last week we shared information about a suspicious incident. We also received an additional report from another student and some general information from students and off-campus individuals in the surrounding area.  Campus safety has been working closely with the Denver Police Department (DPD) and wanted to provide this update on the investigation into several of these incidents given their serious nature. 

Some of the incidents occurring on campus or involving our students have included racially-biased actions and are particularly disturbing. These students are being supported by a range of DU services. Where it has been determined that the incidents are racially motivated, DPD is moving forward with possible criminal charges.

Working with the Denver Police Department, we have also learned that several other types of incidents have been perpetrated by local high school students as activities associated with unofficial senior prank week and have primarily involved throwing water balloons and shooting “super soakers” water guns at pedestrians in surrounding neighborhoods. DPD has reported that not all victims of these pranks have been people of color. Additionally, racial slurs or other indicators of bias have not been present in all instances. Again, where they have been present, DU and the student victims are working closely with DPD.

All of the involved individuals identified to date are minors and we’ve been assured they will be held accountable by Denver Public Schools and DPD.

As a reminder, if you are the victim of, or are made aware of any biased based incident, please contact campus safety immediately at 303-871-3000. To report incidents of discrimination or harassment, please contact the office of equal opportunity.