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Update on DU's Web Overhaul Project for July 2021

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We are continuing to make progress on the web migration project. Since the last update, we retired one site (Humanitarian Assistance) and launched five others, adding nearly 40 pages to DU’s web ecosystem. In total, the team has launched 115 websites and 10,256 pages since Drupal’s initial go-live in September 2018.

Four sites were launched in June for the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, including the Center for World Languages and Cultures, Urban Studies, Socio-legal Studies, and Gender and Women’s Studies.

Earlier this month, we launched University Policies. This new site will facilitate a comprehensive policy environment for DU. In addition to housing current University-wide policies, the site also outlines policy development and oversight as well as how to initiate a University policy.

We have just under 60 sites remaining to launch to complete this project. MarComm and Fastspot are meeting this week to reevaluate the project roadmap to account for staffing changes and to ramp up content writing as we onboard new talent. We do expect that the overhaul and migration will continue into fall as onboarding new team members to vital positions created content creation and process management delay. Up-to-date information, including the site prioritization summary, project roadmap, and weekly progress checklist can be found in PioneerWeb -> Website Governance.