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Update on DU's web overhaul project for June 2022

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We are proud to announce the launch of 10 sites over the past month including:


DU Core


Student Affairs

OmniUpdate sites remaining to launch

There are eight sites remaining in the launch queue, with three additional sites queued up to launch this Thursday, June 16, including Institutional Research, GSPP/Traumatic Brain Injury and Sexual Assault. MarComm, in partnership with campus stakeholders, has launched 196 websites and 11,978 pages since Drupal’s initial go-live in September 2018.  

Sites launching between June 23 and June 30 include Academic Affairs/University Writing Program, Student Affairs/Cultural Center, Internationalization (including Study Abroad and ISSS), Facilities (including Arboretum and Architect), and Center for Intermodal Transportation.

Roadmap updates

The OmniUpdate hosting contract expires this month on June 30, 2022, and all OU site migrations to Drupal will be completed by this time. We have reviewed live OU sites to start tying up loose ends in case we missed a site on our roadmap and have included a few new launches this month on the roadmap. The roadmap and site prioritization, targeted launch date summary, and weekly progress checklist can be found in PioneerWeb -> Website Governance

Drupal updates

We continue to make updates to ensure the Drupal ecosystem functions properly. The Web Work Group meets monthly to stay abreast of project progress and consider best practices and ways to optimize DU’s web ecosystem. We have distributed a survey to site editors and strategic decision-makers to aid in the development of a needs analysis to create an optimization roadmap.

A huge thanks to our campus community for collaboration and support during the web overhaul project.