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Welcome Aboard & Congratulations: Celebrating New Beginnings at DU!

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University of Denver

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Welcome to the DU community! We're thrilled to have you on board and extend our heartfelt congratulations to those who have embarked on new roles within our community. Be sure to check back at the beginning of each month for our latest updates, where we'll spotlight all new hires and celebrate those who have taken on exciting new challenges in the previous month. Here's to a journey of growth and success together!

Attention current DU employees! Are you looking to explore new opportunities within our community? Whether you're seeking growth within your current role or considering a transition to a different position, we've got you covered. For both current DU employees and external job seekers, our public job postings are available through Jobs@DU, offering a wide range of exciting opportunities.

For our internal talent, internal-only postings can be found by simply heading to MyDU and searching for 'Internal Career Opportunities at DU.' Whether you're applying from the external or internal posting, you have the ability to identify yourself as an internal applicant when submitting. Please be sure to indicate  'Internal' as this ensures hiring managers recognize your status as a valued member of the DU community.

Additionally, current employees are encouraged to express their career aspirations and explore potential opportunities with their direct supervisor. Your supervisor is here to support your professional growth and can provide valuable guidance on internal career development opportunities tailored to your skills and aspirations.

June New Hires and Promotions

NamePrevious Job TitleJob Title
Danis, Annie Elena Stinchfield Field Director
Pham, Kim-Chi  Student Worker
Pontius, Maddy Mae Graduate Service Assistant
Kakhsaz, Matin  Event Support Specialist
Said, Steven Chad Graduate Student Researcher
O'Donnell, Kelli  Adjunct Faculty
Valdez-Ono, Salvador Masami Field School Senior Crew Chief
Waller, Jr., John L Adjunct Faculty
Holohan, Meli Georgeanne Adjunct Faculty
Dahman, Cameron  Graduate Student Researcher
Shell, Brittany Marie Denver FIRST OCRP Clinician
McHale, Nina L Associate Dean for Student & Scholar Services
Peck, Wesley R Adjunct Faculty
Klassen Gutierrez, Pamela Alexandra Denver FIRST OCRP Clinician
Ennenga, Kyle  Adjunct Faculty
Madden, Kelsi  Adjunct Faculty
Jennings, Jon  Adjunct Faculty
Gaffney, Timothy Donnellan Assistant Athletic Trainer
Pearson, Adria Nicole Adjunct Faculty
Dewey, Jenn Ann Callaway Salesforce Administrator I
Schauls, Olivia  Pardee Research Aide
Kaba, Peter  SUMC RHM
Miller, Chloe Marie Temporary-Non-benefit Exempt
Walsh, Curran T. Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Reynolds, Isaac Anthony P3 DU Student Advisor/Mentor
Krull, Macey Elizabeth Temporary-Non-benefit Exempt
Masterson, Evan J Temporary-Non-benefit Exempt
Lowry, Tom J. Associate Dean of Finance & Business Operations
Doret, Jaden E. Production Technician
Pina, Sashiel M. Research Associate
Essel, Augustine  SUMC Desk Assistant
Nickson, Laura Rose SUMC Desk Assistant
Hancock, Justin D Campus Safety Officer
Holmes, Andy Gibson Assistant Sports Performance Coach
Wamalwa, Jabali  Campus Safety Officer
Gracey, Anneliese Luranne Ruth Lifeguard
Barrass, Holly  Research Assistant - K. Lynch
Schandera, Johanna M RA- John Bliss
Rendleman, Max Douglas RWC Service Associate
Tarr, Harrison Edward Barista
Robles, Angelina  RWC Service Associate
Texier, Louis  RWC Service Associate
Askew, Olive E LTS Instructor
Cline, Shannon R RWC Service Associate
Wright-Ansorge, Ella G Barista
Wolff, Madison Rae RA- Tom Russell
Keenan, Jaymes Alexander Adult Hockey Scorekeeper
DePena, Lauren Bianca Barista
Keenan, Andrew Bryan Adult Hockey Scorekeeper
Fischer, Nicole R Temporary Clinical Supervisor
Singh, Avantika  PMAD Project Lead
Martino, Rachel  I-REECCH Summer Support
Moynahan, Catie Malia Summer research assistant
Jacobs, Alyssa L. Center for Advocacy, Prevention, and Empowerment (CAPE) Advocate
Oi, Tamako Y Amache Field School Crew
Hernandez, Emersen B Amache Field School Crew
Weibel, Kelly A Server
Rutinel, Manny  Animal Fellow
Collins, Emily A Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
Garcia, Destiny  Amache Field School Crew
Kochi, Derek T Amache Field School Crew
Slatter, Emma  Summer Hourly Assistant
Matteson, Grace Kathryn Summer research assistant
Neils, Gavin Jacob KMC Summer Staff
Reich, Tom Robert Temporary-Non-benefit Exempt
Preis, Clare Simone Assistant Camp Counselor
Weathers, Dakota N Operations Associate
Mattei, Vince Thomas Lifeguard
Hurley, Isabella  Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
Basnet, Ashna  RA- Jay Brown
Lorde, Amy Shiloh Library Research Assistant
Fordyce, Sam Steven Cook
Bottcher, Chance Chance Outside Service Staff
Gonzalez, Jose A Part-time IT Support Specialis
Hill, Josephine G Lifeguard
Olson, Larissa  Barista
Quercioli, Cole Patrick Maintenance Crew
Martin, Jillian Nicole RA- K. Lynch
Brand, Megan  Circ Asst
Lahti, Nina Therese Barista
Crain, Jack T RA- K. Lynch
Perez, Shahzad  Part-time IT Support Specialis
Weimer, Katie  RA- Roberto Corrada
Tyus, Andrea  Master Teacher
Hawkins, Shepherd River Lifeguard
Silver, Noah James Lifeguard
Price, Will Sutton Bailey Program Assistant
Moore, Tatum Angela Admission Ambassador
Cooper, Grace  Admission Ambassador
Abraham, Jillian  Admission Ambassador
Becker, Erin Hanna Admission Ambassador
Padesky, Layna Jeanette Admission Ambassador
Zakin, Natasha  Admission Ambassador
Reznicek, John Reznicek Christian Meeting Rate
Nykanen, Zachary  Personal Trainer
McTavish, Alice M Summer Research Assistant
Vlasenko, Valeriia  Research Assistant
Brost, Brianna Suzanne Assistant Lab Tech III
Kennedy, Arrianna  Research Assistant
Paul, Carly  Research Assistant
Van Denack, Jeremy  Research Assistant/Tutor
Dam, Kanshita  Summer Research Assistant
Rogan, Cara Rose Summer Undergrad Research Asst
Flores, Saul  Pustmueller Lab Assistant
Dugdale, Heather Christine Hunt Development Advisor
Matmanivong, Shay Lynn Assistant Housing Coordinator
Wilson, Alyssa  Research Assistant
Mpata, Naomi   
Nichols, Kelly Kram Group Fitness Instructor
Toubin, Dani Hannah RWC Service Associate
Tirone, Frank  RWC Service Associate
Hattan, David Jerome Summer research lab SURF
Tirone, Nathan Anthony RWC Service Associate
Guerra, Maxwell Genaro Summer Undergrad Research Asst
Moran, Arlene J Manager, Accounts Payable
Wagner, Eleanor Stone Pustmueller Lab Assistant
Tassent, Yoke M Resident Director, Nelson & Nagel Halls
Warlick, Elsa Ruth Media Services Specialist
Babatunde, Olubayo Moses Energy & Sustainability Coor
May, Natalie Marie Server
Thompson, Julia Caroline Pustmueller Lab Assistant
Ghadri, Lyin  Conference Assistant
Diemar, Coco  Banquet Server
Gunda, Bharghav Krishna  PASS Camp Aide
Mann, Becca  Research Assistant III
McCormick, Kaitlyn Thomas Research Assistant
Sanchirico, Anna Josephine Research Assistant
Fentriss, Nina Corinne Banquet Server
Ryan, Katie Frances SPIRIT Research Assistant
Segura, Luna Patricia Research Assistant HBI Grant
Brown, Michael  Research Assistant- Zahra T.
Khalifa, Beytu Ali Shine summer rsch asst.
Fulk, Hannah A. Senior Manager, Digital Marketing and Communications CAHSS
Cazares, Kaelie Marissa Shine summer rsch asst.
Smiles, Caleb Atticus Shine summer rsch asst.
Hilek, Noah Christopher SHINE Research Asst
Leal, Angela Ann Senior Accountant
Miller, Madison Donn Education Dev and Support
Turchanik, Sarah Marie Clinic Assistant
Schneider, Rebecca S. Head of Access Services
Phillips, Clara Sally-Anne Summer UG Research Assistant
Greenberg, Alan D Writing Advisor
Tickle, Joseph Andrew Line Cook
Morrison, Mimi Ann Pustmueller Lab Assistant
Devalk, Avery Julia Adult Hockey Scorekeeper
Caldwell, Sarah  Research Assistant
Furqan, Rafiq Carpenter IIIAsst Foreman General Maintenance
Roach, Kayleigh AllysaAssoc I, RschStudent Success Analyst
Schempp, Matthew H.Asst Foreman, MaintenanceGeneral Maintenance Foreman
Spriggs, Ronald K.Maintenance Worker IIIMaintenance Worker IV
Willis, ShannonManager, Business & OpsDir, Rsch Prog and Grant Mgmt
Alt, KevinMgr, Grad AdmissionMgr, Grad Enrollment

May New Hires and Promotions

NamePrevious Job TitleJob Title
Soren, Roger Charles Adjunct Faculty
Kis, Mei Lin  Adjunct Faculty
Mayes, Melena M. Research Associate
Bugatti, Matteo  Adjunct Faculty
Titiner, Elise Nicole Research Assistant
Peterson, William J. Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Roidl-Ward, Benjamin Martin AHSS-Faculty Adjunct
Brassfield, Lauren K. 4D Assistant Director for Reflection and Planning
Davis, Gion  Web Content Designer
Lang, Hannah  Research Assistant
Gonzalez Ovalle, Ashley Geraldine Spanish Intern/Media Assistant
Quillen, Sarah C Research Assistant
Hall, Nik C. Chemistry Laboratory Instrument Specialist
Ahearn, Lahra Lucia Graduate Enrollment Manager
Smallwood, Jillian Li Research Assistant
Almeida, Lianna Marie Student Admin. Assistant I
Miller, Natalie Helene Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
Kilroy, Elizabeth L Brownstein Fellow
Pinter, Carson V Brownstein Fellow
Tonozzi, Jacob Matthew COLT RA
Paulus, Trevor Steven COLT RA
Saleem, Ahmad  COLT RA
Sanyang, Sally  COLT Research Aide
Martinez Lopez, Belinda A Custodial II
Piper, Liam Scott Clarion News Editor
Atkins, Kelly  COLT Research Aide
Rinehart, Ella  Server
Trottier, Shanna L Part-Time Accounts Payable Specialist
Presta, Erin  Accommodation Specialist
Hackett, Scottie A Community Director, Apartments Communities
Cornell, Justin E. Parking Enforcement Specialist
Curran, Aidan Joseph COLT Research Aide
Fox, Eliza  COLT Research Aide
Keegan, Kayla Maki Research Assistant II
Encarnacion, Maria G Custodial II
Bohlander, Brad  Senior Vice Chancellor, University Relations
Clark, Hamzah Dean COLT Research Aide
Blumstein, Dani M Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ricalday, Ariana  Desk Assistant
Porter, Anna Kathryn Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
Olivares Guevara, Joselyn Alejandra Medical Assistant
Sousa, Matthew Benjamin Stagehand
Mvundula, Innocent Michael BCI student worker
O'Gara-Standiford, Shannon  Research Assistant
Hartman, Hope L. Program Coordinator, Mental Health and Wellness Collaborative
Kamp-Whittaker, April Elizabeth Co-Director
Rogers, Andrew  Field School Crew Chief
Zepponi, Sami  Student Admin. Assistant I
Murray, Niya I. PASS Camp Lead
Morse, Ella Jane Server
Mahoney, Megan Nicole PASS Camp Aide
Roode, John T. PASS Camp Aide
Teggeman, Alana S. PASS Camp Aide
Swift, Lyric J. PASS Camp Aide
Singer, Soren K. PASS Camp Aide
Singer, Jonah A. PASS Camp Aide
Muluka, Sahasra  PASS Camp Aide
Zwerling, Julia Madeleine PASS Camp Lead
Long, Daniel C. PASS Camp Aide
Grauberger-Burgess, Nathan D. PASS Camp Lead
Turner, Jackson L. PASS Camp Aide
Jenkins-Moses, Emily Rebecca Field School Crew Chief-Museum
Hemenway, Micah  PASS Camp Aide
Herrera, Kristina I PASS Camp Lead
Layman, Elizabeth M. PASS Camp Lead
May, Christian J. PASS Camp Aide
Chinnam, Sai Krishna  PASS Camp Aide
Edwards, Robyn Lorraine Student Technician II
Stone Chung, Dévi D Research Assistant - J. McKay
Andazola, Santana N Law Student Intern
Boen, Cael William Maintenance Crew
Odenbach, Grace Lynn Server
Fichtelberg, Andi Taylor Server
Myers, Megan  Daniels Ambassador Team Member
Lorenz, Branddon Bradd Maintenance Crew
Petersen, Courtney L. Program Associate
Titus, William Alixander Maintenance Crew
Glassburn, Erin Morgan Server
Hyatt, Candace H. OLLI @ DU Central Site Manager
Cowper, Dana M. Fitness & Wellness Programs Manager
Whitehurst, Ben Harrison Student Desk Assistant
Drogin-Tundermann, Sofie  Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
McCoy, Henrika  Dean, Graduate School of Social Work; Milton Morris Endowed Dean
DeSoto, Raidon Kai Maintenance Crew
Oldani, Emily  Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ahmed, Adeel  Assistant Director, International Admission
Lorden, Maura Kathleen Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
Narcisian, Quinn Elise Server
Gonzales Gavidia, Mafer  Student Desk Assistant
Pratt Phillips, Wren Wren Sustainability Intern II
Orwat, Kaylee Nichole Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
Billings, Cate Rose Research Assistant I
Frisbie, Spencer James Undergraduate Research Asst
Flaxman, Zachary Jett Research Assistant
Gonye, Winta J P3 DU Student Advisor/Mentor
Avila Chavez, Elitzy  Student Event Coordinator
Cerna Sanchez, Amy Elizabeth P3 DU Student Advisor/Mentor
Ratcliff, Matthew S. Staff Registered Nurse Full-Time
Bills, Lilli Nio Hockey College Coach
Salazar, Andrea Andrea Del Rosario CiBiC Intern
Stormes, Piper Alanna Scenic Builder
Goyer, Ava Elizabeth Cook
Harris, Dom Desire Assistant Director MSW@Denver Program
Arroniz, Avril  P3 DU Student Advisor/Mentor
Hill, Lexi Carrington Cook
Diaz-Martinez, Camila Elvira Ace Grant Recipient
Bittell, Lucy Katherine Ace Grant Recipient
Kishnani, Urvashi  Research Assistant
Ragucci, Rhys  Research Assistant IV
Fontaine, Axel W. PASS Camp Aide
Sheff, Leo Gabriel PASS Camp Aide
Hulst, Duncan Jack Outside Service Staff
Nelson, Sadie C Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
Wu, Kai  Research Fellow, Animal Law Program
Stanfill, Jess Marianne Research Assistant
Loring, Madelynn Diane Research Assistant
Talbot, Nathan Warren Maintenance Crew
Foland-Romero, Sydney Marie Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
Kvalem, Natalia Birgit Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
Willoughby, Stella Anne Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
Tatro, Madison Quin Field Technician
Croswhite, Noah Stone Maintenance Crew
Conrad, Zachary A Kitchen Technician
Dahl, Danielle Kari Lewis @MCE Practicum & Internship Coordinator
Plank, Alexander Martin PASS Camp Aide
Ameh, Shammah Ehi Student Assistant
Mesquita-Taylor, Brody Xavier Facility Operations Associate
Bowen, Elizabeth N Research Assistant Liz Jordan
Richards, Emma  Research Assistant - Justin M.
Damon, Annecy  Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
Delaney, William O RA- Tom Russell
Ortiz, Kimberly Annette Entrepreneurship TA
Avila Ponce, Angel Fernando Entrepreneurship TA
Childs, Sarah B.Compensation AnalystSr Compensation Analyst, HRIC
Kochansky, Cindy KayAcademic AdvisorSenior Academic Advisor
Pettersen, Kathryn BowersAsst. Dir., Acad. Student SvcsBiology Prehealth Advisor
Stroup, James LForeman, General MaintenanceAsst. Dir., Campus FAC Maint &
Sumerfield, Clair Nicole WrightLegal FellowAssistant General Counsel I
Eric HartmanExecutive Director, ERMAssoc VC, Risk & Compliance
Monica KosanovichAssociate Dir, Academic ProgDirector, UAP

April New Hires and Promotions

NamePrevious Job TitleNew Job Title
Lashnits, Andrea Lainee Adjunct Faculty
Blair Echevarria, Jamie Lee Adjunct
Crow, Jason Anderson Utley Adjunct Faculty
Heriza, Chris John Manager, Enrollment
Simmons, Cameron C. Adjunct Faculty
Karish, Marji  Adjunct Instructor
Clemens, Caitlin Elizabeth Pardee Research Aide
Stanfill, Jess Marianne Graduate Assistant
Hauser, Lili Reid Customer Service Rep.
Agosto, Angela  Student Desk Assistant
Tresnan, Angus James Graeme MOS Senior TA
Quintero, Yadira Yosemit Student Admin. Assistant I
Kaplan, Zach Andrew Undergraduate Classroom Asst
Goodman, Molly Rose Research Assistant
Stroh-Willinghurst, Theodore Mae HP Thrive Peer Educator
Raavi, Hari  Pardee Research Aide
Meldahl, Lucy K Student Technician III
Nix, Brenda Boelter Coordinator, Grants, MERISTEM
Alexander-Johnson, Tamara K. Adjunct Faculty
Neyrinck, Mark C. Adjunct Faculty
Young, Kendra Ann JKSIS-Faculty Adjunct
Walker, Michael Shane Adjunct Faculty
Lieberman, Claire Michelle Adjunct Faculty
Umutoni, Giselle  Admission Counselor
Dimmick, Hannah L. Adjunct Faculty
Toney, Denice  Adjunct Faculty
Rennie, Tristan  AHSS-Faculty Adjunct
Davis, Evan M PT Coordinator, Communications
Cerrato, Tania Raquel Adjunct Faculty
Hennessy, Sean  Adjunct Faculty
Bourgin, Laure Lan-Huong Teaching Assistant
Yaeger, Nate H IM Official
Simson, Logan Grace HP Thrive Peer Educator
Uchitelle-Cohen, Lucas Will HP Thrive Peer Educator
Francois, AJ  IM Official
Tuliao, Miriam  Adjunct Faculty
Carmosino, Sofia Josephine HP Thrive Peer Educator
McCann, Anya Caitlin Student Admin. Assistant I
Kanishka, Zack  Language Partner
Dierking, Madeleine Marie IM Official
England, Sofia Marie Student Admin. Assistant I
Kinuthia, Maggie Muthoni LEP Tutor
Negonde, Alex Alexander Graduate Service Assistant
Haskell, Tela R HP Thrive Peer Educator
Kurtz, William Ramsay Adjunct Faculty
Olegario, Marissa Santos  
Di Santo, Dusty W. Temporary-Non-benefit Exempt
Young, Justin Alan Adjunct Faculty
Akkaya, Nergis  Adjunct Faculty
Gustafson, Anna E. Specialist, Clerical Healthcare Administrative
Kritzmire, Katherine R. Specialist, Clerical Healthcare Administrative
Guy, Katelyn Allison Server
Patton, Michelle Marie Adjunct Faculty
Pekoll, Kristin Janelle Adjunct Faculty
Sokol, Joshua  LTP Coach
Rasool, Rahim  Teaching Assistant Professor, Data Science
Kettering, Shalyn Renee Adjunct Faculty
Rocci, Katherine Sara Adjunct Faculty
Pereira, Oto  Resident Director, Centennial Halls
Fein, Rebecca Anne Adjunct Faculty
Smiley, Matt Nelson Adjunct Faculty
Cardamone, Joe Anthony Adjunct Faculty
Frederick, Sydney Ann Server
Baer, Cameron Stephen AHSS-Non-Teaching Fac Adjunct
Bardini, Mark Daniel JKSIS-Faculty Adjunct
Byrne, James Francis Server
Dirlikov, Carla  JKSIS-Faculty Adjunct
von Tscharner, Nicholas Jameson Admission Councelor
Curley, Joshua James Maintenance Crew
William, Frank William Maintenance Crew
Hall, Becca P Specialist, Civil Discourse & Free Expression Project
Petretti, Teya Blue Student Grader
Bliss, Jomarie Phelan Adjunct Faculty
Coleman, Mills Mills MFJS Tech Team
Cope, Merissa  Adjunct Faculty
Loeber, Em Grace Pardee Research Aide
Deibert, Josh R RA - Bob H.
Schimmel, Erica M Adjunct Faculty
Thompson, Maddie Jayne HP Thrive Peer Educator
Dallapiazza, Lydia Cai Zhi HP Thrive Peer Educator
Flores Sanchez, Victor Manuel Language Tutor
Fernandez, Nicole  Student Technician III
Gallagher, Jennifer  Denver FIRST Student Clinician
Brady, Abigail C Tech Transfer Intern
Boone, Sal John Crosby Student Admin. Assistant I
Weindel, Teagan O HP Thrive Peer Educator
Udegbe, Karen Karen Graduate Service Assistant
Cheney, Mahlet Vienna HP Thrive Peer Educator
Erickson, Robert Jordan Adjunct Faculty
Lin, Emily  Student Admin. Assistant I
Jalili, Emma  Denver FIRST Student Clinician
Pressman, Heather  Adjunct Faculty
Lloyd, Olivia Jennifer Spring 2024 DU Media Intern
Willoughby, Bryce A IM Official
O'Dell, Emma  Student Admin. Assistant I
Coco, Courtney Ann Spring UTA
Sorensen, Max Thorkild Teaching assistant
Balme, Flora  Grader
Burke, Grace Nichole Grader
Matthews, Ashley Ann Teaching assistant
Mankivska, Kate  Graduate Teaching Assistant
Saavedra, Mikeal  Maintenance Crew
Jumper, KJ Mae Manager, Aquatics
Santos, Santos  IM Official
Nielsen, Emily Rose Server
Peyzner, Ender  Youth Programs Coach
Komar, Rylee Lane Student Admin. Assistant I
Zapata-Ramirez, Bethany Vanessa Spanish Intern/Media Assistant
Loera, Karol  Spanish Intern/Media Assistant
Garrity, Sam Patrick Spring UTA
Kazmierowski, Roan Henry IM Official
Garay, Michelle Chantal Spanish Intern/Media Assistant
Zamora Perez, Kimberly  Spanish Intern/Media Assistant
Magruder, Iain Stewart Research Assistant
Betts, Mary Bella Eye to Eye Chapter Coordinator
Jost, Len  Science Center Learning Assist
Hernandez, Pilar Pilar Spanish Intern/Media Assistant
Vialpando-Nielsen, David Joseph Teaching Assistant
Salgado Simental, Jasmine  Spanish Intern/Media Assistant
Cisneros, Adrian Michael Omar Assistant W Ultimate Coach
Oseguera, Cynthia E Spanish Intern/Media Assistant
Ofunrein, Oje Joshua IM Official
Segura, Luna Patricia Spanish Intern/Media Assistant
Higgins, Jaxon Jaxon RA- Bernard Chao
Amare, Manna E Circ Asst
Mericle, Scott William Maintenance Crew
Strieter, Ell Josephine Child care aid
Abero, Zac Kala'i Research Assistant
Voldrich, Jaiden Chase Research Assistant
Peterson, Maddux West Clarion Business Manager
Vialpando, Andrew Louis Line Cook
Donovan, Chelsea Lucette Emergency Medical Technician
Becker, Carson  Emergency Medical Technician
Flynn, Emma Cotton Youth Programs Coach
Pickel, Marya S. PASS Camp Lead
Rumin, Alissa Grace Assistant Lab Tech III
Kruger, Elijah Hagen Core Diplo RA
Brost, Brianna Suzanne Assistant Lab Tech III
Kline, Cassidy Josephine Assistant Lab Tech III
Moreno Palmar, Laura Daniela Research Assistant
Kerr, Nessa A. Assistant Director, Center for Art Collection Ethics
Muirhead, Ashley Belle Student Admin. Assistant I
Templeton, Charles G Undergraduate Classroom Asst
Lora, Ismery  Counselor, Staff & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives
Villalobos, Marisol  Digital Remediation Specialist
Archuleta, Jennifer Y. Assistant, Medical
Mulvaney, Brett Douglas Maintenance Crew
Beduru, Anughya  Associate Teacher
Byram, Ericka  Program Associate
Rivard, Cameron R Server
Osorio, Catherine E Administrator, Procurement Contract
Cassady, Grant  Daniels Ambassador Team Member
Harle, Natalie Donahoe Banquet Server
German, Taylor Lynn Server
Jaques, Sydney Marie Emergency Medical Technician
Riddle, Corin Elizabeth Server
Buselli, Luca  Teaching Assistant
Chapell, Lauren Elizabeth Student Admin. Assistant II
Reeder, Kate C Research Assistant - Jess Beau
Murray, Kara Amber Admission Ambassador
Williams, Cameran Lilly Server
Girgis, Sam Peter Teaching assistant
Hernandez, Marylu  Academic Records & Scheduling Coordinator
Brennan, Will Henry Circulation Assistant
Russell, Jacob Faulkner Swim Instructor
Rai, Maya Saraswati Core Diplo RA
Keogh, Luca Kevin Cook
Loor Mendoza, Ana  Assistant Director of Operations, Transportation and Supply Chain Institute
Lendino, Sofia  Spanish Intern/Media Assistant
Taylor, Hannah L Learn Gymnastics Instructor
Cogen, Milly Grace Learn Gymnastics Camp Coach
LaFleur, Daniell Nichol Outdoor Experience Instructor
Kaplan, Daniel  Student Admin. Assistant I
Nielsen, Ingrid Elizabeth Peer Leader
Jones, Anthony Dimitri Assistant Director Denver Campus MSW Program
Britton, Max Garret Line Cook
Boorom, Nathan E. Web Specialist
Schwem, Jennifer Lynn Donor Database Manager
Van Denack, Jeremy  Student RE Finance Tutor
Zynen, Kerri E Research Assistant - R.Corrada
Levin, Lexi Maegan Peer Leader
Gray, Harrison James Peer Leader
Schubkegel, Hannah Josephine Peer Leader
Munyon, Cade Cutler Marvin Peer Leader
Broderick King, Amelia Hope Student Admin. Assistant I
Lane, Rick A Outside Service Staff
Boone, Emily CozartDir of Devt., AG, DCBDirector of Development, DCB
Wilkinson, Marc O. Asst. Dir, Ops and MaintenanceDirector, Facilities Management 
Chloe LecatRA IIIResearch Associate
Anna De GuzmanSenior Research Associate ISenior Research Associate II
Susan HaymoreBusiness Analyst IIIManager, Business Analysis
Valerie HendersonProject SpecialistResearch Project Manager
Kristin KlopfensteinDirector, CEALExecutive Director
Whitney LeboeufDir, Intgrtd Data & AnalyticsDeputy Executive Director
Carla LoeckeProject ManagerProject Director
Paul RiolaManager, IT Help CenterSenior Manager, IT CS
Andrei RoudikSystems Engineer ISystems Engineer II
Cedric SmithApplication Developer IApplication Developer II
Elysia VersenDeputy Director, CEALDeputy Executive Director
Abby McConnellResearch Assistant IIIResearch Associate
Karla HerediaBusiness CoordinatorBusiness Coordinator III
Grace WarnerProgram CoordinatorAssistant Director of UAP
Joseph DenfeldProject ManagerAsst Dir, MHEP Ops