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Welcome Aboard & Congratulations: Celebrating New Beginnings at DU!

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University of Denver

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Welcome to the DU community! We're thrilled to have you on board and extend our heartfelt congratulations to those who have embarked on new roles within our community. Be sure to check back at the beginning of each month for our latest updates, where we'll spotlight all new hires and celebrate those who have taken on exciting new challenges in the previous month. Here's to a journey of growth and success together!

Attention current DU employees! Are you looking to explore new opportunities within our community? Whether you're seeking growth within your current role or considering a transition to a different position, we've got you covered. For both current DU employees and external job seekers, our public job postings are available through Jobs@DU, offering a wide range of exciting opportunities.

For our internal talent, internal-only postings can be found by simply heading to MyDU and searching for 'Internal Career Opportunities at DU.' Whether you're applying from the external or internal posting, you have the ability to identify yourself as an internal applicant when submitting. Please be sure to indicate  'Internal' as this ensures hiring managers recognize your status as a valued member of the DU community.

Additionally, current employees are encouraged to express their career aspirations and explore potential opportunities with their direct supervisor. Your supervisor is here to support your professional growth and can provide valuable guidance on internal career development opportunities tailored to your skills and aspirations.

March New Hires and Promotions

Name Previous Job Title New Job Title
Mayfield, Jackalynn B. Resident Director  Assistant Director for Recruitment & Development
Son, Ahhyun  Research Scientist  Research Assistant Professor
Spitz, Mona F. Sr. Dir. of Devt, DCB Exec. Director of Dev., STEM
Sublette, Isabel C Financial Aid Advisor Sys Adm, Loans, Grants
Correa, Samantha Marie   Graduate Teaching Assistant
Larson, Macey Elizabeth   Video Editor
Colman, Carly    Graduate Teaching Assistant
Webster, Rachel Marie   Graduate Service Assistant
Conrad, Devin Matthew   Graduate Teaching Assistant
Pourteymour, Kiana    Graduate Service Assistant
Mleta, Bright Eric   Program Coordinator - Student Engagement
Alameddin, Catherine Christine Laura   Administrative Assistant II - Internationalization
Hasan, Abu Shouaib    Graduate Research Assistant
Sage, Donna L.   Manager, Stewardship Communications
Fleischmann, Maddie    Graduate Service Assistant
Elnaffar, Yousef    Graduate Service Assistant
Banks, Oliver Francis   LTS Instructor
Kempf, Clayton Alan   Graduate Teaching Assistant
Paddock, Max Elizabeth   Graduate Teaching Assistant
Williams, Monica D.   Adjunct Faculty
Kim, Jeeyoung    Graduate Teaching Assistant
Sullivan, Molly O'Neill   Graduate Teaching Assistant
Hernandez, Katherine N   DEI/social justice - Spring Br
Woodward, JS S.   Director of Development, Sturm College of Law
Philleo, Andrea    Adjunct
An, Mouyseang    Daniels Ambassador Team Member
Harkleroad, Reese    Child Care Aide
McGehee, Joshua Michael   Web Developer II
Zimmerman, Alexander J   Horticulture Technician
Delgado, Jessica    Custodial Worker II
Martinez Suarez, Marissa Alejandra   Student Prgm Coordinator
Perumal, Prabhu    Facility Operations Associate
Fonseca, Alexa B   Research Assistant I
Mele, Alexandra    LTP Coach
Kundrapu, Siva Joshi    Facility Operations Associate
Lynn, Audra S   Temp Grad Admissions
Winn, Alex Jacqueline   RWC Service Associate
Suffet, Jessica Maya   Child Care Aide
Saenz, Edgar    Student Prgm Coordinator
Bello, Sylvana    DEI Rep
Gerbi, Wake Jeo   Research Assistant - Cobb
Hancsak, Rick    Maintenance Worker
Vasquez, Natalie    Student Field Work Assist. III
Said, Steven Chad   Undergraduate Research Asst
Jacobi, Paulina Maire   LEP Tutor
McNatt, Angela M.   Assistant Dean of Budget & Operations
Steffens, Jack    LEP Tutor
Neve, Nirmayee Rakesh   Undergraduate Research Asst
Campbell, Mckenna Helen   Child Care Aide
White, Ashley Elizabeth   Student Stage Technician
McLaughlin, Maread    ACE Award/Writers in the Schoo
Wood, Kansas Austin   ACE Award/Writers in the Schoo
Peacock, Mel A   Community Service Tutor
Hinkel, Stephen Matthew   Statistician
Nardella, Marissa Vittoria   Student Instructor
Roby, Nancy Vincent   Server
Trujillo, Haley Vai   Server
Phillips, Ashley M   Assistant Director, Summer Operations
Blaine, Annie E.   Academic Counselor, LEP
Miller, Sarah J.   Kennedy Mountain Campus Operations Supervisor
Gao, Wei    Post Doc Researcher - Learning based Applications
Melphy, Cody    Head M Rugby Coach
Edgington, Angela J.   House Manager
Weil, Michael Eli   RWC Service Associate
Evans-Funk, Zoe Marie   Sustainability Intern II
Volmert, Shelby    Student Worker
Anderson, Soffy Marguerite   Sustainability Intern II
Rojas Carbajal, Crystal    Community Service Tutor
Ong, Alexandra L   Research Assistant - B. Hard.
Torres, Isabel Alejandra   Community Service Tutor
Monjaras, Melissa Vanessa   Community Service Tutor
Phillips, Clara Sally-Anne   DFRV Desk Assistant
Blake, Justin Robert   Spring Break Student Assistant
Richmond, Luke Anthony   Outside Services
Ruskin, Will Carson   Spring Break Student Assistant
Kleckner, Colin James Norton   Spring Break Student Assistant
Kaczmarek, Kate Grace   Spring Break Student Assistant
Hartmann, Haley    Lighting Designer
Tenenbaum, Jesse Edward   Graduate Teaching Assistant
Yarlagadda, Sahith    IT Support Specialist
Radic, Katie Elizabeth   BUS 3000 TA
Sapkota, Pras    Student Partner
Hager, Aaron M   Maintenance Worker III
Pesce, Jonathan Worth   Digital Media Technician
Uhlin, Anna Kristina   LTS Instructor
Hebert, Kate Elizabeth   Intern T.A.
Shocket, Maya Rose   LTS Instructor
Cooley, Cecilia    athletic tutor
Vigil, Michael P   IT Support Specialist
Kollwitz, Eric Joseph   IT Support Specialist

February New Hires and Promotions

Name Previous Job Title  New Job Title
Bingham, Lalanya Kay Business Analyst II Manager, Investment Accounting
Gjelsteen, Kristin  Manager, Strategic Initiatives  Assistant Director, AmeriCorps
Howard, Jaz  Systems Administrator  Associate Director, Communication
Parks, Brooky M Reference & Instruction Librarian Business & Economics Reference
Trucks, Elia Marie User Exp. & Student Outreach Lib Arts & Humanities Librarian
Vega Norell, Sofia C. Program Coordinator  Scheduling/Catalog Coordinator
Ades, Capen Elizabeth   Tour Guide
Bond, Charlie Marie   Tour Guide
Brief-Mcgurrin, Danielle Joy   Tour Guide
Chandler, Gary Michael   Adjunct Faculty
Chen, Luna    Tour Guide
DeFusco, Jake Christopher   Emergency Medical Technician
Delman, Michele H.   Executive Director of Operations, Daniels College of Business
Eason, Caroline Ruth   Tour Guide
Efroymson, Sabrina Cecile   Tour Guide
Eisenach, Peyton Marie   Tour Guide
Flanagan, Nina Faith   Tour Guide
Flood, Eva Kay Bergera   Tour Guide
Galbo, Stacy C   Equal Opportunity & Title IX Investigator
Gray, Alex Favell   Tour Guide
Ige, Timothy Oyebola   Facility Associate
Kanduri, Vineel    Facility Associate
Loper, Kelley A.   Director, Ved Nanda Center for International and Comparative Law; Director of the Ved Nanda Cent
Masten, Micah John   Tour Guide
Morgenstein, Nina    Temporary-Non-benefit Exempt
Orgel, Scott Micheal   Adjunct Faculty
Proske, Max Xavier   Tour Guide
Respet, Anna Sky   Tour Guide
Talmadge, Sophia Len   Rental/Facility Operations Ass
Tcholakian, Peyton    Tour Guide
Thomas, Camdyn Steven   Tour Guide
Tingle, Lexie Kathleen   Tour Guide
Vashakmadze, Ana    Graduate Teaching Assistant
Walker, Justin Taylor   Tour Guide
Webb, Adeline M   RA- Oladeji Tiamiyu
Wedlock, Faith Bella   Tour Guide
Welborn, Kendall M   Tour Guide
Whalen, Charlie Olivia   Tour Guide
White, Liam Christopher   Tour Guide
Carson, Tess Elizabeth   Outdoor Experience Instructor
Grainger, Ashley Ashley   Substitute Teacher
Abeyta, Sofia Gabriella   Legal Services & Operations Manager
Akinyi, Wendy    LEP Tutor
Azmi, Maria    AmeriCorps Grant Coordinator
Barber, Jamie    Communications Technician
Curry, Julia L   Administrative Assistant III
Harita, Elizabeth    Undergraduate Research Asst
Makumator, Godfred Worlanyo Kofi   LEP Tutor
McKinney, Skylar Nichole   LEP Tutor
Mina, Rachel George   LEP Tutor
Paquette, Connor William   Program Coordinator, ResEd
Tunazzin, Nafisa    AmeriCorps Grant Coordinator
Westerman, Zachary E   Manager, Event Services
Hanna, Ashley Maria   Swim Instructor
Koly, Andrea Elizabeth   athletic tutor
Randell, Graham Alexander   Undergraduate Research Asst
Adjaho, Rudolph    DEI RA
Atkins, Olivia N   Research Assistant - E. Wald
Defnet, Josie Charlotte   Bulletin Assistant
Goodman, Peter Alexander   Cook
Lim, Ethan Samuel   Undergraduate Research Asst
Mills, Grace Elizabeth   Research Assistant II
Moss, Rylee    Administrative Assistant II
Ritter, Caroline K   Child Care Aide
Smith, Kirsten Cynthia   Research Assistant
Calloway, Emily Rose   Student Counselor/Advisor
Chokanu-Wenholz, Astilia Sofia   Media Assistant II
Hudes, Seth Asher   Personal Trainer
Kinal, Bohdan Donnelly   Musical Performer
Morris, Laura Ann   Child Care Aide
Myers, Emanuel Gerard   Operations Assistant
Barvi, Andrea    Student Admin. Assistant II
Ware, Avery Nicole   Student Admin. Assistant II
Acosta, Alexandra    Student Marketing Assistant
Beach, Melina    Lab Assistant
Lasso, Myrian A   Custodial Worker II
Lewis, Hank August   Grader
Manurung, Abigail L   Child Care Aide
Richman, Julia Wallace   Senior Vice Chancellor for Operations & Strategy Implementation
Roman, Edward    Maintenance Worker IV
Sam, Sheida    Research Assistant
Sriram, Yashodha    Temporary SQR Conversion
Butzko, Olivia Lucille   Child Care Aide
Rahman Namir, Abrar    Research Assistant
Ropeter, Emily Grace   athletic tutor
Shibuya, Moeko    Substitute Teacher
Tran, Anh N   Student Technician I
Harris, Allyson M   RA- Leong
Lesser, Aaron L.   Food And Beverage Manager
Beduru, Anughya    Substitute Teacher
Martino, Rachel    2e Research Assistant
Washington, Nalani Anya   Child Care Aide
Zetty, Andrew Loyd   Golf Shop Staff
Anderson, Charlie Flotten   Youth Programs Coach
Ameh, Ameh Daniel   LEP Tutor
Bondurant, Kate M   Enrollment Specialist
Brennan, Nolan Paul   Parking Customer Service Representative
Garcia, Jacqueline R.   Assistant Director, Living & Learning Communities
Irawan, Derick    Graduate Student Researcher
Rudyk, Peter A   Marketing Specialist
Swartz, David Andrew   Ugrad Research Assistant
Whitney, Mac    Mgr, Web & Digital Experience
Zhang, Jiajun    Undergraduate Research Asst.
Fenton, Celeste Hope   Stitcher
Morrow Trombley, Haley Jane   Child Care Aide
Bouza, Amanda Lissette   Stitcher
Guerra Jimenez, Max    Media Intern
Komar, Rylee Lane   Student Instructor
Williamson, Margot Swift   Tour Guide
Lopez, Ma Elena   Custodial Worker II
Osorio, Alexandra Marie   Student Admin. Assistant I
Rojas Lozano, Corina Y   Custodial Worker II
Schumaker, Ian K.   Director of Development, Athletics
Shamin, Norah    Data Technician Research Aide
Tirunelveli Santhakumar, Mahima    CRP Student Assistant
Wright, Georgia    Assistant Director of Registration and Records
Coel, Dan Owen   Swim Instructor
McHugh, Malcom Burke   Lacrosse Table Crew
Rosenberg, Hannah E   Swim Instructor
Shoults, Makayla B   RA - Tiamiyu, Oladeji
Perez-Gallegos, Jazzy Nicole   Student Event Coordinator
Wier, Owen Jacob   Research Assistant I
Murray, Anna C.   Associate Director of Marketing & Communications

January New Hires and Promotions


Name Previous Job Title  New Job Title
Donnery, Emily E EA, SAIE Assistant Director, MBA Program
Duggan, Kara  Business Coordinator III Business Officer I-CAHSS
McGrath, Helen Patricia Senior Grant Administrator  Research Financial Analyst
Montanez, Caitlin P. Associate Director, Talent Management Dir, Talent Acquisition & Inclusion
Reiland, Jordyn A Manager, Content and Communications Writer
Schrock, Korben Kraine IT Support Specialist  Network Analyst I
Ball, Sarah Elizabeth   Research Facilitator
Bostrom, Holland Banks   Video Media Technician
Cooper, Curtis Allen   LTP Coach
Engle-Newman, Christopher S.   Assistant Director Bar Success
Foltz, Joseph    Student Admin. Assistant III
Furman, Joshua Jay   Endowed Director of the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society
Garcia, Rosmina Rosmina   Program Coordinator, First@DU, Cohort Programs
Mendoza, Danton A   Building Services Specialist
Regan, Patrick G   Receiving, Shipping and Mail Clerk
Schultz-Boro, Sasha Lyan   Academic Testing Coordinator
Taylor, Lindsey Elizabeth   Swim Instructor
Turner, Shaylee    Student Admin. Assistant IV
Van Eaton, Lynn Marie   Video Media Technician
Ward, Kaitlin Groome   Personal Trainer
Wyckoff, Lhotse Elizabeth   LTP Coach
Kaba, Peter    FSL Property Manager
Luna, Zairel    Grader
Rivera, Freya    Benefits Specialist
Savan, Jakki Lou   Bar Success Writing Advisor
Chong, Alicia S   Teaching assistant
Deslauriers, Derek Martin   Teaching assistant
Hong, Nicolle    Teaching assistant
Kononov, Tom Michael   Grader
Lefkowitz, Justin Martin   Teaching assistant
Wood, Cooper Seth   IM Official
Barnett, Julia Catherine   LTS Instructor
Bross, Ava B   Student Admin. Assistant II
Conway, Max Leonard   Hourly GTA
Herring, Josie Rowan   Banquet Server
McGraw, Ethan Riley   Student Stage Technician
Canela, Hannah    MOS J
Abraha, zion F   Student Tutor V
Alli, Toyin Khadijat   Writing Center Consultant
Alsaadi, Ola    Student Researcher
Apondi, Monica Akoth   Language Partner
Boulton, Brandon Alexander   UG Classroom Asst
Callahan, Riley Sloan   Teaching Assistant
Corbett, Jake Poall   Writing Center Consultant
Dalmacio, Anna Christie Ramilla   LEP Academic Counselor (PT)
Denby, Pia    Fraternity-Sorority Life Asst
Encinas, Pam    Director, Research Grant Development
Freeman, Shyanne    Instructor's Aide II
Garrison, Nevaeh R   Research Assistant
Horn, Ed David   Emergency Medical Technician
Kaplan, Zach Andrew   UG Classroom Asst
Lawton, Maggie Carleton   Youth Programs Coach
Lowry, Carly    Compliance Intern
Luce, Aidan James   DU Media Intern
Madigan, Ian Patrick   Student Technician II
Marboe, Charlotte Emily   Student Admin. Assistant II
McCaleb, Marti J   Associate Vice Chancellor, Equal Opportunity and Title IX
Mesgun, Senaiet H   Executive Assistant, Office of the Chancellor
Naegelen, Grace Caroline   Research Assistant
Newman, Kip David   Technical Assistant
O'Toole, Lindie    Student Ambassador
Phillips, Clara Sally-Anne   Undergraduate Classroom Asst
Ramos, Melquin    Grant Research Coordinator
Reynolds, Tyler M   Emergency Medical Technician
Rothman, Jacob    Assistant Director, Foundation Relations
Sena Affonso Catalao Cardoso, Pedro    Student Ambassador
Sirota, Morgan I   Assistant Lab Tech II
Talmon, Lael Menahem   Emergency Medical Technician
Traynor, Kiley Faith   Student Admin. Assistant I
Tsanai, Ioanna    Language Partner
Willemsen, Ellie Neema   Swim Instructor
Williams, Sage Elizabeth   Research Assistant
Willis, Mary    Grader
Ziegler, Megan Elizabeth   BUS 3000 TA
Bergman, Celia Justine   Marketing Assistant (ULIB)
Broderick King, Amelia Hope   Tour Guide
Gardner, Abby Elizabeth   Tour Guide
Hassan, Iman    Clinical Assistant Professor
Lafrenz, Madeline Tove   Student Admin. Assistant I
Nelson, Angie May   Adjunct Faculty
Paradine, Mason J   Admin Intern for the VC Athl
Campos, Gabriel Alexander   Writing Center Consultant
Dodson, Caroline Millard   Writing Center Consultant
Shiff, Esme Sarah   Student Admin. Assistant III
Barajas, Gaby Michelle   Student Operations Asst
Fischer, Joey Walter   athletic tutor
Hartfield, Audrey Ruth   Sustainability Intern II
Zueckert, Franziska    Swim Instructor
Bockrath, Kyra J   Research Assistant
Kippur, Sam Harrison   Lab Monitor
Kmetz, Margo Madeline   Teaching assistant
Pedapati, Raja Stuthi Paul    LEP Tutor
Rosenberg, Jesse Erlich   UG Classroom Asst
Sammis, Nelly Paige   Student Admin. Assistant III
Schmidt, Steven J.   Maintenance Worker IV
Virgil, Jade    Student Desk Assistant
Bratt, Jens Connley   LTS Instructor
Trujillo, Stephanie    Benefits Program Manager
Eck, Jayme Kristina   Accompanist
Gruis, Heather    Accompanist
Gutierrez, Xavier    Student Technician I
Mason, Rebecca A   Community Service Tutor
Stewart, Holly S.   Executive Assistant
Broughton, Olivia Mary   Student Admin. Assistant I
Cypher, Genna    Student Admin. Assistant II
Lambert, Nic James   Student Grader
Price, Faith E   TA - Scott Johns
Farrell, Francoise Anne Marie   AAP - TA
Reznickova, Jana    RA- Michael Sousa
Klein, Elle    Youth Programs Coach
Bingham, Rob Lee   DCB - Non Teaching Faculty Adjunct
Eads, Nate Robert   Research Assistant
Erickson, Molly Gwen   LTS Instructor
Gear, Mekenzie L   Grant & Contract Administrator I
Gridley, Ben Graham   Course support
Hood, Gavin D   CAHSS Student Leadership
Nichols, Madison Taylor Pualani   Credential Evaluator
O'Connor, Maeve Kahealani   PT Coord, Adv, CAHSS
ORourke, Sarah Morton   PT Coord, Adv, GSSW/MCE
Spielman, Andrew Lawrence   Adjunct Faculty
Yap, Jasmine J   Adjunct Faculty
Bettinger, Abbie    Student Admin. Assistant II
Caldwell, Nicholas C.   Financial Accounting Analyst III
Filippova, Anna    CAHSS Student Leadership
Floyd, Jadyn R   CAHSS Student Leadership
Frankel, Talia Sophia   CAHSS Student Leadership
Levi, Halcyon Grace   CAHSS Student Leadership
Roth, Madeleine Jane   Banquet Server
Alexander, August Tristan Marcus   Research Assistant I
Gohman, Michaela Elizabeth   Child Care Aide
Greear, Rachel Bryn   Clinic Assistant
Schanno, Matisse Anais   Child Care Aide
Werner, Julianne    RA- Chao
Yamauchi, Mio Aimee   Student Admin. Assistant II
Ator, Yarrow Dawn   Research Assistant I
Waingart, Lauren Nicole   Clinic Assistant
Appel, Tessa M   Undergraduate Research Asst
Bannon, Erin E.   Web Specialist
Bawaked, Amani Ahmed S   Information Security Engineer I
Benefield, Tessa Lee   Research Assistant
Chossek, Sydney Marie   Student Technician I
Eckert, Gabi Kathryn   Student Technician I
Gregg, Madeline Elizabeth   Director of Development, Foundation Relations
Guillen Marquez, Jeickson J   Custodial Worker II
Lane, Cindy Lee   Program Manager - RMLUI
Mahler, Eileen Leanor   Temp Grad Student Svcs Assist
Mammadova, Zahra    Grader
Mandolkar, Priyanka    LEP Tutor
McClymont, Mekaelah Jean   Temp Grad Student Svcs Assist
Molina Yepez, Gabriela Stefania   Teaching Assistant
Perez, Sandra P   Custodial Worker II
Phaneuf, Isa    Learn Gymnastics Instructor
Sage, Maya Rose   Head W Lacrosse Coach
Thornton, Courtney C   Research and Evaluation Coordinator
Wilms, Tibault Pierre   Language Partner
Cortes Dequidt, Carlos    Rental/Facility Operations Ass
Borst, Callista    Student Admin. Assistant I
Callahan, Brian Rory   Research Assistant
Goodman, Molly Rose   Research Assistant
Hussaini, Mohadeseh    Community Service Tutor
Montes De Oca, Emma Nicole   Student Admin. Assistant I
Ngo, Annie    Admissions Counselor