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Renea Morris

Renea Morris

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It’s been a year since I began leading the Division of Marketing & Communications (MarComm) and I’m pleased to share some insight into the team—who we are, what we do and why we do it. Over the last few months MarComm has been in transition. On the heels of a realignment, we’re learning new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. We’re focusing on how we can lead marketing and communications strategy for the University in more effective ways. Though we may find ourselves feeling a bit uneasy and uncertain as we begin implementing change in the midst of Covid-19 and all of its new realities, we’re trying out new ways of interacting with one another and working together. 

MarComm is making a series of changes that will allow us to better serve our campus partners during this disruptive time, and into the future and help shepherd DU into its next chapter. In the current fast-changing environment—where marketing and communications are the drivers of our current and future reputation and success, it is critical to have the ability to move quickly, adjust continually, and not only meet our partners’ expectations but far exceed them. 

Last fall we began a strategic planning initiative, MarComm 2025, by creating a set of mission, vision, and values statements to guide us towards collectively delivering results as a division and to advance our work with campus colleagues. To realize our vision to cement the University of Denver as a transformative research and academic engine, we must live our mission by speaking with a unified, authentic and resonant voice to strategically advance the University of Denver’s brand. 

Near the start of the new year, a MarComm survey established a benchmark regarding the services we provide to campus partners, enabling us to assess what works best and determine where there are opportunities for improvement.

Though Covid-19 rearranged everyone’s priorities, including those of MarComm, we’re looking to gain some momentum on our realigned structure and begin to focus on futuring rather than firefighting.

In June, we entered into a partnership with Carnegie Dartlet to implement a comprehensive research and review of DU’s brand, market position, and identity to provide a strong and strategic foundation for our enrollment, retention and advancement efforts. The anticipation of an enrollment cliff in the next few years and the emergence of Covid-19 accelerated the need to launch this effort. 

The project will culminate in a new reputation strategy and communication platform for the institution this fall. This will enable DU to implement a new identity and brand strategy to recruit our fall class of 2021 and beyond.  

I invite you to check this blog often to receive insights into the work underway. 

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Renea Morris 
Vice Chancellor for Marketing & Communications